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Brilliant Start of the 'University Student Policy Support Officer Internship Project'
  • By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2024.03.31 14:58
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▲ On March 12, the ‘Business Agreement Ceremony for Promotion of University Student Internship Project’ was held in the conference room of the Gyeongsangnam-do Council (Source: CWNU Waagle)

On March 12, CWNU signed a 'Business Agreement for the Promotion of the University Student Internship Project’ (scheduled to be implemented during summer vacation of 2024) with the Gyeongsangnam- do Council at the Gyeongsangnam- do Council's conference room. In addition to CWNU, six four- year universities in Gyeongsangnam- do, including Kyungnam University, Gyeongsang National University, Youngsan University, Inje University, and Changsin University, participated. The agreement includes that institutions discuss matters necessary for internship operations to provide university students with opportunities to strengthen their capabilities and explore careers, and to ensure the universities that signed the agreement faithfully carry out their promises.

The University Student Policy Support Officer Internship Project is an exchange and cooperation program conducted through the agreement between the council and local universities. The ‘Policy Support Officer’ is a system that has been implemented since 2022, and refers to a policy support professional who supports the legislative activities of local council members. According to the agreement, in April, members of the council will propose topics they want to research through a demand survey for policy research projects. In May, interns will be selected from among the students recommended by the universities that signed the agreement, taking into account the students' majors and research topics. For a total of six weeks from June 24 to July 31, students selected as interns will collaborate with the members of the council to conduct policy research projects and experience the actual working environment of the local council, while receiving support for legislative activities.

The internship project is an initiative by the Gyeongsangnam- do Council to actively address youth unemployment and the problem of talent outflow, aiming to support local university students. In September of last year, the Youth Policy Research Association, a research group for members of the Gyeongsangnam- do Council, proposed the implementation of a university student internship project. According to the Youth Policy Research Association, the demand for policy support officers in the Gyeongsangnam- do Council and city and county councils exceeds 160, but more than a quarter of the policy support officers are not employed due to lack of human resources. Jeong Jae- wook, President of the Youth Policy Research Association, said, "We would like to propose a university student internship project to address all these, including the demand for legislative activities research projects by council members who want to receive ideas from young university students, the concerns of the university students about the future careers, the desire to support legislative activities and experience local councils, and the shortage of policy support officers in city and county councils."

After the Youth Policy Research Association proposed the introduction of a university student internship project, the Gyeongsangnam- do Council held a working- level meeting related to the university student internship in December last year to discuss practical matters. At the working- level meeting, officials from six universities participating in the internship project attended, and the Gyeongsangnam- do Council’s university student internship project was explained and introduced. In February this year, the Gyeongsangnam- do Council visited the Seoul Metropolitan Council, which led the policy support officer internship project. At the meeting on that day, Gyeongsangnam- do Council members Jeong Jae- wook, Han Sang- hyun, legislative officers, and Seoul Metropolitan Council member Park Chun- seon and policy support officers attended and shared information and know- how related to internship operation of the Seoul Metropolitan Council. They also visited the internship site of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, which was conducting the '4th Winter Vacation University Student Internship,' and had interviews with members of the council and interns.

The Uiversity Student Policy Support Officer Internship Project will contribute to helping the council directly listen to the voices of young people and fostering suitable talents. Above all, this project is an excellent opportunity for students to explore their careers and have a new experience of council activities. Through participation in the project, students will be able to understand the newly introduced policy support officer and develop their capabilities. It is significant that CWNU participated in this project. Interns for university student policy support officers will be selected in May this year, so we hope many students from CWNU will participate.

By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  ujeong0202@naver.com

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