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Changwon City and CWNU Grow Together 김민선 2018-05-13 19:42
Plastic covers for umbrellas are an environmental problem. Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter 2018-05-13 17:22
The inauguration ceremony; the direct election system becoming an issue By Kim Young-min, cub reporter 2018-04-17 02:42
Replacement of deteriorated urethane tracks; will it indeed be safe? Lee Hun, editor-in-chief 2018-04-17 02:22
Discussing the politics of diversity and difference Jeong Seung-In, reporter 2018-04-02 12:42
Come to the cherry blossom festival here on campus! Park Seon-syeong, reporter 2018-04-02 12:41
Changwon University, standing out in overseas dispatch and employment programs Lee Hun, editor-in-chief 2018-03-20 00:38
"I have no problems studying while managing my household" By Gwon Min-gwan, reporter 2018-03-20 00:37
How do part-time student employees on campus get hired? By Gwon Min-gwan, reporter 2018-03-20 00:37
Interviews with the editors of CWNU : CUB By Lee Yeon-ju, cub reporter 2018-03-05 01:59
Questions from Freshmen of 2018 By Kim Young-min, cub-reporter 2018-03-04 20:55
CWNU has become the center of start-ups in Gyeongnam with 'Maker Space' by Gwon Min-gwan, reporter 2018-03-04 20:24
Admission fee for undergraduates and graduates has been entirely abolished by Gwon Min-gwan, reporter 2018-03-04 20:13
Introduce the 2018 schedule on Campus Park Seon-gyeong 2018-03-04 16:03
Taking freshmen's first step in CWNU Park Seon-gyeong 2018-03-04 16:00
Enhance your wonderful youth by making opportunities for employment Kim Eun-hwa, reporter 2017-12-10 19:56
“How will you live your youth that only comes once?” Lee Hun, reporter 2017-12-10 16:47
Field training is in the blind spot of education Sarah Park 2017-12-09 11:12
The 1st KINO film festival was a great success Choi Ga-yun, reporter 2017-12-06 21:24
Mountain path control and management problem by Gwon Min-gwan, cub-reporter 2017-12-06 17:34
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