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Make the Most of Your Vacation
  • By Prak Ji-Hwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.12.08 16:54
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Do you have any special plans for the upcoming winter vacation? Introducing special activities for you to have an exciting vacation.

First, I recommend getting various certificates. Because of the busy school life during the semester, it is hard to prepare for a certificate. But a rather leisurely vacation is the right time. There are many types of certificates, so there is a wide range of choices. Also, if you get a certificate in advance that helps you get a job, you can have a better vacation. As an example, there is a 'computer using skills certificate' that assesses the ability to process office automation. This is essential for students who dream of a public company or office job. The certificate is valid as a national technical qualification for life from the time of acquisition. TOEIC Speaking is also one of the necessary qualifications for employment. It is a certificate that helps in many ways, as it is used as a standard for recruiting and selecting students for schools, organizations, and exchanges. Short-term preparation is easy, and the effective period is two years.

In addition to the qualifications required for employment, there are certificates where you can enjoy hobbies and achieve a sense of accomplishment at the same time. For example, there is a "Calligrapy Director Certificate" that is based on one’s own unique handwriting. Another example is "Barista's Certificate," which assesses the manufacturing process of coffee drinks and is a certificate that one can acquire while enjoying it. It is currently a non-public certificate and can be obtained from Barista Qualification Test Agency at home and abroad. Certificates can also be used in Job, Startup, Working Holiday, part-time job, and are popular as they are enjoyed by people of all ages and sexes.

If you feel burdened with obtaining a certificate of qualification for an exam, why don't you try a contest with your friends? Dozens of contests are announced each month and their fields and styles are quite varied. It is a great opportunity to show your creativity and potential during the vacation, and it is a valuable activity to prepare for. Not only is it helpful to get a job, but it is also meaningful to challenge yourself in a field that is different from your usual interests and major. Various contests are held in various fields such as brand naming, literature, film scenarios, idea contests for certain companies, and photography.

If you want to have a special and active experience and meet new people during vacation, the supporters activity is appropriate for you. Supporters are people who help companies promote or plan their business by setting up a certain activity and paying a certain amount of money. The selected supporters gain experience by working together on activities such as missions directed for a certain period of time. Companies will give you a variety of activity benefits. Supporters' activities include services, daily classes, reporters, promoting city or provincial tourist attractions, and corporate products and projects.

Since it is a long vacation before the next semester, it is important to make a vacation that is more meaningful. ‘Time is like gold' so use your time wisely, rather than spending all your free time unplanned.

By Prak Ji-Hwan, cub-reporter  mm9780@naver.com

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