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Special Opportunity for Youth: a “Working Holiday”

When you walk around campus, it is easy to spot an advertisement to go abroad for language training or a working holiday. Because of globalization, society expects many things such as knowledge of English and various experiences. Many students go abroad due to these expectations. One opportunity is a working holiday, the system that two countries make a special agreement to provide young people various experiences, travel, and cultural exchange. A VISA issued for this purpose is called a working holiday VISA.

A working holiday VISA is issued only once for young people between 18 and 30 years old. In fact, a travel VISA does not allow people to work in other countries. But this special VISA not only gives a chance for young people to explore an unknown world, but also increases cross-border relations and cultural exchange. Basically, most people who go abroad with this VISA cannot work professional jobs because these jobs need a work VISA or sponsorship. According to a working holiday information center, 23 countries have made an agreement with South Korea. Ireland, England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are the English-speaking countries and Japan, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Spain are some of the non-English-speaking countries.

Jung Yungyeong (Department of Electronic engineering, 24 years old) said that some positive aspects and unforgettable memories were meeting many people, learning spoken English, broadening her perspective, and learning how to take life easy (Korean life usually looks so busy). Negative aspects were that they had to be careful to avoid difficulties because they were living in other countries, and also they felt homesick from time to time. They said that they missed their family, friends and their hometown when they were homesick.

It is huge opportunity to have a chance to earn money while traveling in another country. But young people have to think carefully before applying for it. Perhaps, earning money for traveling in Korea is much better than working at a Korean restaurant in another country. Moreover, not everyone comes back to Korea fluent in English or another language or with good experiences. Many people recommend that it’s better to think carefully and leave with a concrete plan and realistic goal.

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