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How Well Do You Know “Waagle”?
  • By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2019.06.05 20:34
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Waagle is a community portal website of Changwon National University (CWNU). Here are the things that students can get from Waagle: all the information related to the lectures that students are taking, cyber classes, and new information around the campus. Do you think that's all you can do using Waagle? If so, there is something that you might have missed. Here are some useful tips that students might easily miss.

• Information & Computer center

If you click the category ‘Institution and Department’ on the main page of Waagle, you can find about the ‘Information & Computer center’ on the list of auxiliaries/facilities. This institution offers various software that can be used in classes or studying in general. Faculty, undergraduate, graduate students are welcome. The software includes Hangeul2018, MS-Office2016, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, Visual Studio 2010 Pro, Matlab&Simulink R2012b, etc. They can be installed on school computers only. You can download them after submitting an application form at the Information & Computer center, room 301.

Also, there is some information about a wireless internet system. For example, if you are LG U+ user, the service set identifier is ‘CWNU U+ zone’, and the password is ‘@cwnu2013’. (Source: http://portal.changwon.ac.kr/home/ccenter)

• Internet certificate issuing center

You can find this by logging into Waagle. You can print out all of the certificates like degree and language certificates from the website.

Here is a guidance to get your certificates: 1. Log in and click ‘print out certificates’ 2. Check your personal information 3. Choose the certificate that you need 4. Choose your payment method

For more information, visit http://changwon.certpia.com/

OneStop Information Service

You might already know about this system. It offers information about your grades, schedules, menus from Bong-rim and Sa-rim cafeterias, scholarships, and so on. Also, you can buy parking monthly tickets on the page.

• Dream Catch

Dream Catch literally means catching the dream. If you are not sure what you want to do with your life, and are concerned about your future while looking for job opportunities, this webpage might be helpful to you. This system provides career exploration, a job aptitude test, career counseling, and part-time job information. In addition, students can have the opportunity to get a job by checking employment information on the website. There are a lot of special lectures, presentations, and educational programs with various topics as well. It might give you some skills and chances that you want and need. Why don’t you register for them? For upcoming available programs, visit https://career.changwon.ac.kr/

By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter  skydhnam@naver.com

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