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Construction condition of the headquarters of CWNU
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter
  • 승인 2019.05.22 15:56
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Changwon National University has been working on the extension and remodeling of the headquarters since November 2017. In 2016, the Education Ministry provided the project with full state funding and injected a total of 15 billion won into this project. The construction period is scheduled from November 2017 to December 2019. The construction site is about 7,800 square meters, with a floor space of one basement and a maximum height of 21 meters with five floors above the ground. The main finishing materials include metal panels, granules and Roy double-layer glass. At present, plumbing is ongoing and other construction is ongoing inside the main building. After completing the expansion of its headquarters in 2019 or in the first half of 2020, CWNU will start the renovation of the College of Economics & Business in 2020.

Students and professors at the College of Humanities are suffering constant disruptions to their classes due to the noise caused by the long-lasting construction process. There is a situation where loud noises stop the class or interfere with the students's concentration.

Shin Ji-soo, Dept. of English Langauge and literature said. “As the main building is under construction for a long time, I think professors are the ones who suffer the most. Not only do they experience stress due to noise, but they also experience inconvenience in communicating with students during class. As the weather heats up, I saw my professor sweat profusely but he was not able to open the door because of the noise. The construction of the CWNU headquarters is believed to be more than halfway done. It is a regrettable thing that the facility affairs section didn’t offer solutions to the problems for students and professors in the humanities college in advance or made public that they have asked for their understanding.”

In response, the dean of the College of Humanities said, “The headquarters of CWNU construction project is one of the school's big projects. It is a disruption to students and professors of the humanities colleges that could cause noise damage or infringements on their rights to view, but we cannot present a big position or opinion regarding this problem and there is no discussion with the facility affairs at the moment.”

To minimize noise and scattering dust caused by internal steel removal and on-site work, the facility affairs has installed a temporary enclosure on the outside and requested understanding and cooperation from school members. For other inquiries, contact the facility affairs (Internal 2145, 055-213-2149)

By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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