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Welcoming Autumn on Campus
  • By Kim Young-min, editor-in-ch
  • 승인 2019.10.08 23:05
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Autumn has arrived, and everything has started to turn red, orange, and yellow. Our campus has also started turning shades of autumn red, but people have noticed that the start of fall has been a bit delayed. In past years people have usually worn warmer clothing to greet fall in early September. However, due to climate change, fall has become relatively shorter than before. This is very unfortunate for Korea, especially because Korea is known for having four distinct seasons. To fully enjoy the shorter season it's good to know about places around campus where people can enjoy the autumn landscape.

Reed Field is located right beside the dormitory pond. There are many famous reed fields across the country. However, CWNU students are lucky enough to enjoy a reed field which is only a short walk away. Considering that smartphones and SNS are now a huge part of daily life, many students these days are busy looking for the best places to take their next profile pictures. Reed Field on campus could be one of the best places to enjoy the scenery as well as to take the best shot.

The changing cherry trees and retinispora in Wa Ryeong is another spectacle to see. Wa Ryeong is the traditional Korean-style pub near where all the Engineering department buildings are located. It is popular amongst students in spring, but not many students visit the pub in the fall. However, it has its own charm in autumn. Snow-white cherry blossoms cover Wa Ryeong in spring, but in the autumn Wa Ryeong is draped in the bright red hues of fallen leaves. To top it all off, in the afternoon the weather is just right to enjoy light drinks with companions.

Walking around campus with someone you’re close to, watching maple leaves and gingko leaves fall, is another fine part of campus life in autumn. There are so many trees along the trail that encircles the dormitory pond and along the sidewalks that lead to the dormitory. There are also a lot of benches and a pavilion perfect for spending time with others while making memories in the beautiful scenery. Additionally, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Arbor Day, CWNU transplanted a pine tree in front of University Headquarters, and planted five hundred photinia glabra around campus in April.

▲ Beautiful scenery of CWNU dormitory pond
▲ The Reed Field in the campus

By Kim Young-min, editor-in-ch  dnl2874@naver.com

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