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What are CWNUs Efforts Regarding the Decline of Local Universities_

As the number of young people decreases, the number of college admissions is also rapidly decreasing. Schools that have difficulty recruiting new students will not be able to maintain their student population, and will eventually be closed. According to the Education Ministry, the number of resources available for entering college is expected to be less than the college entrance quota. Accordingly, in 2021 the government will implement policies related to the reduction of the college entrance quota, called the ‘Basic College Capacity Diagnosis Plan for Universities’. This policy requires universities to adjust the quota voluntarily based on the results of the diagnosis plan. However, this policy is having a growing impact on local universities and colleges, especially as the ‘In Seoul’ phenomenon is growing. In-Seoul phenomenon means that most students who want to go to university only pursue university in Seoul.Therefore, it is urgent for local universities to have survival strategies related to things such as admissions, information activities, the establishment of departments related to promising future industries, and attracting foreign students.

So what is the current situation at CWNU, and what are the efforts being made? Let's compare the university’s admission rate for 2019 and 2020. The competition rate for admission in 2019 was 6.41 to 1, and the competition rate for admission in 2020 is 5.41 to 1. Compared to last year, the competition rate has decreased slightly. The university has been conducting a new recruit since the beginning of the 2019 school year. This recruit is a Student Sub-Universal System called ‘Global Creative Talents’. In addition, there are various activities such as ‘Chaoreum,’ a public relations ambassador at CWNU, a visiting high school admissions briefing session ‘Seongryo’, and a major notice group ‘Changdaehan’.

First, Chaoreum is our school's public relations ambassador, participating in the protocol activities of domestic and international events, and working hard to promote the university. They also provide guidance on career experience activities, educational donations, and admissions information for middle schools and high schools in areas near Changwon. Also, they participate in university entrance fairs held in Jinju and Ulsan to consult high school students. Second, Seongryo visited a high school in South Gyeongsang Province and held an information session for high school seniors and teachers in charge of career advancement. Kim Hae-dong, director of admissions management at Changwon University, said, "It became an admissions briefing for high school students and teachers. We will hold a variety of admissions events that will be highly informative for students and teachers." The rolling recruitment of CWNU, based on the 2020 academic year, is divided into various types, such as the ‘class of academic achievement’, the ‘talented students from across the nation’, and the ‘students from rural areas’. Third, Changdaehan, the university's major notification team, consists of 3-4 students from each major. They introduce their departments and majors, and help guide students in university life and in their future careers. In addition, high school and college students have been able to communicate more through question and answer sessions, discussing topics such as subjects by major, academic activities, and social advancement areas. The team will go to more regions and help students on their career paths.

CWNU will have to work on a wider range of activities and promotional events and produce talented graduates to establish itself as a focus of Changwon. With the number of local universities expected to decrease in the future, Changwon University will have to grow further as a competitive school.

▲Chaoreum (https://www.facebook.com/chaorm/photos/rpp.282993045116590/2386923501390190/?type=3&theater)

By Bae Yun-bin, cub-reporter

By Bae Yun-bin  binibbo99@naver.com

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