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기사 (전체 403건)
CWNU International Exchange Program
CWNU International Exchange ProgramIn CWNU, various international exchange proj...
By Nam Chae-young,cub-reporter  |  2022-12-05 00:45
Dormitory Curfew Maintained vs Abolished
Dormitory Curfew Maintained vs AbolishedCWNU University Dormitor...
By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter  |  2022-12-05 00:44
Night of Humanities, Students’ Talents Bloom
Night of Humanities, Students’ Talents BloomThe Night of Each Depart...
By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter  |  2022-11-21 00:43
CWNU Kanbu Project
CWNU Kanbu ProjectAs part of the National University Fostering...
By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter  |  2022-10-13 13:29
Club Promotion Booth Held for the New Semester
Club Promotion Booth Held for the New SemesterAt Changwon University, ...
By Shin min-joo, cub-reporter  |  2022-10-04 09:23
CWNU's Lunch Time
CWNU's Lunch TimeDue to the easing of COVID- 19 sanctions, mo...
By Kim Su-gyung, cub-reporter  |  2022-10-04 09:22
2022 Job Honey DAY
2022 Job Honey DAYFrom September to December, 2022 Job Honey D...
By Jung In-hee, reporter  |  2022-09-18 23:45

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