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‘Capability Didim-Stone Positive Inquiry Week’ Held for Freshmen in 2024
  • By Shin Min-joo, reporter
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▲ A photograph of participants in the 2024 Capability Didim-Stone Positive Inquiry Week (Source: CWNU Waagle)

From January 29th to 31st, and from January 31st to February 2nd, ‘Capability Didim- Stone Positive Inquiry Week,’ was held twice for 159 prospective students in 2024, for a three day duration. The event, allowed incoming students to experience communal living in student dormitories and provided an opportunity for them to enhance various competencies necessary for university life through a camp- style workshop. CWNU Office of Industrial- Academy Cooperation, the organizer of the event, emphasized fostering communication skills and cultivating qualities essential for proactive university planning. They announced plans to conduct diverse educational programs during the event.

159 participating students were selected on a first- come, first- served basis. The prospective students were educated at CWNU dormitory and the lecture rooms of each college. On the first day, various activities were organized to help alleviate the tension of incoming students, including a welcome ceremony, a campus tour accompanied by campus ambassadors, and group ice- breaking sessions. Following this, during the educational sessions, there was a time for self- reflection and understanding others through the, 'KIMS Egogram Personality Test.' Additionally, mentoring sessions with graduates and educational mentors were conducted, focusing on career counseling and guidance on maximizing the use of CWNU's various non- curricular programs. Details related to the program were found through interviews with a mentor.

Q. Please tell me about yourself.

Kang: Hi, I’m Kang Kyeong- yeol, a student in the department of French Language & Literature. I participated as a mentor in the first session of this program.

Q. How did you participate as a student mentor for, ‘Capability Didim- Stone Positive Inquiry Week’?

Kang: Unfortunately, last year I missed the application period, so I wanted to participate this year. I applied to have the opportunity to meet incoming students first, spend three days together, provide advice on school life, and create good memories together.

Q. Was there any difficulty during the program?

Kang: It was regrettable that mentors did not directly participate in each activity, making it challenging to form a strong bond with the incoming students.

Q. What was the most rewarding thing about the program?

Kang: Even though they are incoming freshmen who haven't started school yet, it was rewarding to be called a senior and to help them participate joyfully in the tight schedule, ensuring a safe return home without any accidents.

Q. What would you like from mentees through this program?

Kang: It would be great if mentees could navigate their university life based on the advice from mentors and become helpful peers by sharing information with other students. Additionally, I hope mentees have gained rewarding university experiences and enriched their journey through this program.

Q. Is there anything else you want to add?

Kang: I hope that mentees will accumulate various experiences in academics, departmental life, and club activities during their freshman year.

Next, The Campus Journal interviewed the incoming freshmen to hear more details about the program.

Q. Please tell me about yourself.

Shin: Hi, I am Shin Chang-jae, a freshman in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Q. Why did you participate in the, ‘Capability Didim-Stone Positive Inquiry Week’?

Shin: I wanted to participate to create good memories with fellow incoming freshmen over three days.

Q. What was the most rewarding thing about the, ‘Capability Didim- Stone Positive Inquiry Week’?

Shin: Through seniors, I was able to gain tips for university life and earn one credit of liberal arts.

Q. Lastly, please tell us your determination as a freshman.

Shin: I want to be a nice and diligent student by using the information that mentors told us.

Professor Heo Hye- yeon, who conducted the education as a member of CWNU Office of Industrial- Academy Cooperation stated, "It is meaningful for students to move beyond passive learners, look at the university as a member of CWNU, and experience finding their roles and visions within it." In addition, students who completed more than 90% of the total education hours were allowed one credit for liberal arts. Congratulations on the admission of freshmen in 2024, and please continue to pay a lot of attention to campus life and participate in new events.

By Shin Min-joo, reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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