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Selected as Gyeongnam’s First Free Icon, 365 Co., Ltd
  • By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter
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▲ CEO Soo-ryong Koo of 365 Co., Ltd. (right) received the ‘Pre-ICON Corporate Certificate’ from the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (Source: CWNU Waagle)

CWNU's Startup Support Center announced on November 2nd that 365 Co., Ltd. was finally selected as the target company in the 'Pre- ICON Program.' Su- ryong Koo, who serves as the CEO of the startup 365 Co., Ltd., is a graduate of CWNU's Department of Law. 365 Co., Ltd., founded in May 2019, was finally selected as a target company in the 'Pre- ICON Program.' Accordingly, the company will receive a guarantee worth up to 3 billion won for the next three years. Recently, 365 Co., Ltd. was selected as the first company in Gyeongsangnam- do in the ‘Pre- ICON Program’ and provided a positive influence on Gyeongsangnam- do, including CWNU.

The Credit Guarantee Fund (public institution), which hosted the Pre- ICON Program, is managing support programs from various aspects according to the growth stage of startups with excellent technology and innovation. First Penguin, which is level 4 out of 6, is a name given as a metaphor for the penguin that is the first of a group to jump into the sea. First Penguin (Level 4) refers to a company that endures current uncertainty and continues to take on bold challenges against the world. Companies selected in stage 4 receive a guarantee of up to 3 billion won. Free Icon (Level 5) is for startups that are between 2 and 10 years old. Free Icon (Level 5) targets startups in the leap stage and sets their scale- up as the main goal. Scale- up refers to a company that has achieved rapid growth of more than 20% on average in sales or employment for three consecutive years. Scale- up is an essential process for a startup to grow into an unlisted startup, including Unicorn, Decacorn, and Hectocorn. Companies selected as Free Icons will receive a guarantee of up to 5 billion won. Lastly, the Innovation Icon (Level 6) is based on reformative business models that select companies that show the potential to grow into the next generation of Unicorn, Decacorn, or Hectocorn companies. Startups selected as Innovation Icons (Level 6) will receive a guarantee of up to 15 billion won. 365 Co., Ltd., which was selected as a Free Icon for the first time in Gyeongsangnam- do, was recognized by the Credit Guarantee Fund (public institution) for its development prospects and infinite potential.

365 Co., Ltd. started its business as a snack management agency service in its early days. Currently, it provides customized snack welfare services to companies, churches, and schools. 365 Co., Ltd. is recently participating in the Youth Startup MATE Program operated by CWNU’s Startup Incubation Center and Co- up Partners Co., Ltd. In the future, 365 Co., Ltd. is expected to lead the snack welfare business in B2B (Business to Business). Furthermore, the company is expanding its business area to the e- commerce market between companies and employees based on smart logistics. The goal of this project is to increase work efficiency, employee satisfaction, and sense of community. In addition, 365 Co., Ltd. is emerging as an example of growth, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 561% in sales between 2019 and 2022.

In an interview with Busan Gyeongsang National Broadcasting Corporation (KNN) in December last year, Mr. Su- ryong Koo, CEO of 365 Co., Ltd. said, “Currently, 365 Co., Ltd. has its own logistics center and offers the lowest prices and highest service. We aim to realize corporate welfare.” In addition, he continued his acceptance speech by saying, “It is meaningful that Snack 365 has chosen as the first startup company in Gyeongsangnam- do, and we are delighted to be recognized by the Credit Guarantee Fund for the growth and innovation of local startups. To repay our gratitude, I will designate it as a model company for local startups.” 365 Co., Ltd., which is very active in various fields, is currently playing an active role in society and local governments. We send endless support and encouragement to the development and walking of the 365 Co., Ltd.

By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  parkch2582@naver.com

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