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CWNU Students Participated in ‘The 2023 Ultra-wide GPT-AI Utilization Startup Competition’ By Kim Na-young, reporter 2023-12-03 23:46
The Stage for Harmony and Endeavor: College of Humanities Academic Festival By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter 2023-12-03 23:46
‘Jowaseo’ Team Won the Competition Excellence Award By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter 2023-12-03 23:46
Reduction in Hiring Leaves Local Native English Teachers With No Place to Go By Kim Min-seong, reporter 2023-12-03 23:46
Old Man Died By Eight-Year-Old; Controversy Over 'Juvenile Law' By Seo Ji-min, reporter 2023-12-03 23:45
Creating New Stories: '2023 University Student Hackathon Competition' Takes Place By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter 2023-12-03 23:45
Pursuing True Beauty, 2023 Miss Universe By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter 2023-12-03 23:45
“Start Offending for Debt”: Gambling Teens, Hows and Whys By Kim Sugyung,editor-in-cheif 2023-11-20 23:47
Aerospace Administration Special Law Passage Urged, CWNU Joins In By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter 2023-11-20 23:46
Hawaii Immigrant Grandfather Reclaims His Family Relationship By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter 2023-11-20 23:46
“Start Offending for Debt”: Gambling Teens, Hows and Whys By Kim Sugyung,editor-in-cheif 2023-11-20 23:46
Korea's Bed Bugs Phobia By Seo Ji-min, reporter 2023-11-20 23:46
Continued Embezzlement Incidents in Financial Sector: No methods of prevention? By Kim Min-seong, reporter 2023-11-20 23:46
Law Students Show Legal Skills in Criminal Mock Trial By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter 2023-11-20 23:46
Selected as Gyeongnam’s First Free Icon, 365 Co., Ltd By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter 2023-11-20 23:45
Visually Impaired, Surviving a Drought of Information By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter 2023-11-20 23:45
Gwanghwamun Restored to the Original State After 100 Years: ‘The King’s Road’ Reopens By Kim Na-young, reporter 2023-11-06 08:40
New Univ. President Candidate Verification Delay, Raises Vacancy Concerns By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter 2023-11-06 08:40
2023 University's Festival Successfully Completed By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter 2023-11-06 08:39
For a Larger World; Multi Cultural Supporters By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter 2023-11-06 08:39
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