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Chaorm Jumped on the Short Form Trend; Contributing to the Awareness of CWNU
  • By Kim Na-young, reporter
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▲ Chaorm YouTube shorts video and Chaorm's official YouTube account (Source: @CWNU_chaorm)

CWNU student ambassador ‘Chaorm’ has been steadily producing and uploading promotional videos using ‘short form content’ on YouTube, and Instagram since 2019. In particular, among Chaorm's past promotional videos, the relay story using the song and choreography of Red Velvet's "Feel My Rhythm" gained more than 1 million views. Recently, the ‘Adi Adi Challenge’ held at the school’s representative venue and the ‘Happy Cat Challenge,’ taken against the background of Yongji Lake Park, have garnered attention. Through interviews, we learned more about how Chaorm, who raised school awareness through various videos, came to create short form content.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Kang: Hello. I am Kang In- hyeok of the Department of Electronic Engineering, serving as the Planning Director at Student Public Relations Ambassador Chaorm.

Q. What was the starting point from which you created short form content?

Kang: At the same time as we were appointed as the 13th class of Chaorm, 'How can we publicize the school well as Public Relations Ambassadors,' has been a question we have all been thinking about. In the meantime, the results came out that short form content was the best method. We thought it would be an opportunity to contribute to raising awareness of CWNU through the short form content we produced, and to make CWNU widely known to other regions, by adding fun through parody or video production.

Q. Please explain the overall process of shooting short form content.

Kang: When making short forms, we participate in and parody the trendy challenges such as ‘Dr. Hong,’ ‘Are You T (Are you an MBTI ‘Thinking’ Type)?’ and, ‘Saepping (New Thing).’ School- related content selects topics that can give laughter and information to not only outsiders, but also students and test takers who want to enter CWNU, such as study types during the exam period, resting places at CWNU, and types during admission interviews. Since the production of school- related content is filmed with the school in the background, it is also a video to promote CWNU. Recently, we have also uploaded long videos on topics such as part- time jobs, studing, travel vlogs, and fashion coordination content. It is on CWNU's Student Ambassador YouTube channel, ‘Always Chaorm,’ so please pay a lot of attention to uploaded events.

Q. Do you have any short form content planned?

Kang: Considering that Chaorm is currently recruiting for the 14th class, we plan to make and upload a simple video of what kind of activities Chaorm is doing. We are also producing a Q&A video for students who have questions about becoming Student Ambassadors.

Q. If you have anything additional that you would like to say to CWNU students, please do.

Kang: While doing Chaorm activities, you will do a variety of activities that are not easily accessible normaly. The more I learn and do activities through this, the more I realize that I am going through personal growth. Public Relations Ambassador activities are not just about publicizing for the CWNU, but are helpful activities such as improving speech skills and project production skills. Therefore, I would like to tell you that, students, please do not hesitate to ask any questions and please show a lot of interest in the ongoing recruitment of the 14th Student Honorary Ambassador Chaorm. We will always cheer for the future of CWNU students.

The word ‘Chaorm’ is a pure Korean word meaning “spirit that rises vigorously” and at the same time means the phoenix, the symbol of CWNU. In other words, it contains the message of supporting prospective CWNU students and for CWNU students to show off their spirit of soaring with all their might at CWNU. We hope that the short form content that Chaorm will show in the future, other new content, and the positive impact of all activities, will achieve meaningful results. Chaorm is also running an official Instagram account (@CWNU_chaorm) as well as an official YouTube channel. It is hoped that the students of CWNU will also pay attention to and support Chaorm's “movement to promote CWNU locally and nationally.”

By Kim Na-young, reporter  skdud2986@naver.com

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