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A Strong Leap for Graduates: Ends August Degree Ceremony Successfully
  • By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter
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▲CWNU held the "August 2023 Degree Award Ceremony" on the 18th of last month at the Global Lifelong Education Center's Gaon Hall (Source: CWNU Waggle)

On August 18, CWNU held the 'August 2023 (late 2022) Degree Award Ceremony' at Gaon Hall, the Global Lifelong Education Center. The integrated bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees ceremony was successfully completed with the attendance of CWNU President Lee Ho- young, deans of each college, officials, faculty members, related organizations, Kim Jae- heung, President of the Alumni Association, graduates and family members. In this ceremony, a total of 568 degrees were awarded, including 332 bachelor's degrees, 203 master's degrees, and 33 doctorate degrees.

With many people attending, the event was held with the opening ceremony to mark the start of the event, followed by the pledge of allegiance and a congratulatory speech by President Lee Ho- young along with a history report. The president delivered a graduation certificate directly to the recipients and congratulated them, and in finality, everyone sang a school song, with the event ending around 11 o'clock with the closing ceremony.

President Lee Ho- young, who personally conferred degrees to the graduates, delivered a speech during the commencement ceremony. He encouraged the undergraduate graduates, saying, "To all our undergraduate graduates, I hope you will fully utilize the accumulated expertise, personal qualities, and individual capabilities you have gained at our university for the advancement of both the local community and the Republic of Korea. Just as you have done thus far, I urge you to continue learning and striving even after entering society, becoming true leaders who drive change and innovation."

Addressing the master's and doctoral graduates, President Lee remarked, "To our master's and doctoral graduates, under the guidance of our university's esteemed professors, you have dedicated yourselves to pursuing the highest levels of truth, resulting in a solid foundation that allows you to confidently stand as scholars in your own right. I hope that you will not rest at this point but rather delve deeper into broader and more profound academic explorations, evolving into the advanced talents and top intellects that future society requires, thereby enhancing both your own stature and the reputation of our alma mater." He continued, "Our invaluable and proud graduates of this university, I hope you will fulfill your role in transforming our society into one of greater value and warmth. Wishing that blessings will always accompany your future endeavors, I sincerely congratulate all those who are graduating on this honorable achievement."

After the graduation ceremony concluded, the area in front of the Global Lifelong Education Center and the schoolyard buzzed with activity as family members, friends, and well- wishers gathered to celebrate the graduates. In the departmental offices, the staff distributed graduation certificates to the students after the event, sharing in the significance of the special day. Additionally, to enhance the graduates' enjoyment of the occasion, academic gowns and caps were provided for rental, allowing them to commemorate the event in style.

Furthermore, the student council created a large photo zone in a corner of the field, designed in the shape of a graduation certificate, where graduating students could capture memorable photos. Dressed in their academic regalia, the graduates gathered with bright smiles alongside friends and family, tossing their caps into the sky and capturing commemorative photographs. This atmosphere allowed them to thoroughly relish the spirit of the graduation ceremony. This moment highlighted their passion and achievements, reflecting a shining instance of their hard work. Through such precious experiences, it is anticipated that these graduates will carry forward a sense of confidence as they step into the challenges that lie ahead.

The second in- person post- pandemic graduation ceremony was successfully concluded. Despite the challenges that the graduates faced during their academic journey due to the pandemic, this event provided them with encouragement for their successful completion of their studies. Regardless of the sweltering weather, a heartfelt thanks and applause go to all those who attended the ceremony. Congratulations are extended to all the graduates, and as mentioned in President Lee's address, it is hoped that they will vigorously contribute to making our society a more valuable and warmer place. Wishing them luck in all their future careers and cheering them on in their aspirations and new leaps toward their futures.

By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  hozejunior@naver.com

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