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Opening of Gaon Hall for Local Culture and Arts
  • By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.15 09:10
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▲ The commemorative concert held on May 5 at CWNU Gaon Hall (Source : CWNU Waggle)

On May 3, a concert was held to commemorate the opening of Gaon Hall in the auditorium on the first floor of CWNU's Global Lifelong Learning Center (No. 98). The concert was held to commemorate the rebirth of the auditorium of the Global Lifelong Learning Center into Gaon Hall, a multi- purpose cultural complex. The opening of Gaon Hall shows that CWNU is faithfully implementing the, "Implementation of Contribution to Community Development," one of the key tasks of the 2023 National University Promotion Project organized by the government. In addition, the opening is a message that CWNU is making efforts to, "revitalize collaborative culture and arts between universities and regions," and to,"build an open campus to the local community."

The 640- seat Gaon Hall was equipped with LED screens, stage lighting, and Steinway pianos, which were provided through environmental improvement projects. The opening commemorative concert, which actively utilizes newly improved environmental factors, was opened to all citizens and performed free of charge. The concert program was organized around the music department faculty and invited professors of CWNU, who had various awards at world- class competitions. It was harmonized with soprano Kim Yu- seom, Lee Ju- eun, Lee Yoon- kyung, tenor Kim Dong- soon, Lee Bum- joo's vocal music, trombonist Jo Jung- ok, and an orchestra conducted by pianist Lee Dong- shin. President Lee Ho- young, who participated in the concert to commemorate the opening of Gaon Hall, said, "The music department of CWNU's College of Arts, the only art university in Gyeongnam, has prepared a high- quality classical concert that is not easily accessible to the community.” Through this, we will do our best to ensure the public nature and accountability of local national universities that are open to the local community," he said.

This change did not happen overnight. For about a month, from January 18 to February 7, CWNU's General Affairs Department held a name contest for the auditorium and other facilities of the Global Lifelong Learning Center. Through the contest, in which many faculty members, as well as current students participated, the auditorium on the first floor of the Global Lifelong Learning Center will have a new name: the pure Korean word, "Gaon," which means, "center." The name has the meaning of being connected to CWNU's vision, "From the center of Gyeongnam to the world of Asia."

In addition, in April, CWNU’s General Affairs Department improved the rental fee and collection system to contribute to the revitalization of pure art and increase the utilization rate of facilities in accordance with the establishment of digital state- of- the- art equipment. Under the revision, Gaon Hall will be given a 50% discount and public utility charges will be exempted, if it is rented for performances based in the fine art such as classical, opera, traditional art, theater, ballet, and modern dance, with discounts also given to local group- produced musicals. In the case of performances that want to provide free viewing materials that are considered performing arts, such as pop music, jazz, musicals, performances, and magic shows, a 30% discount on facility rental fees will be provided and public utility fees will be exempted. This creates the opportunity for the Gaon Hall to be used by not only faculty members but also non- staff members, and the school actively supports Gaon Hall to become a venue for revitalizing local art and culture that is available to everyone.

CWNU, Changwon's only national university, has indirectly expressed its intention to interact with the local art community by openly showing the changed appearance of Gaon Hall; inviting Changwon citizens to the opening concert. We hope that CWNU students and Changwon citizens will actively pay attention to CWNU’s efforts to grow in line with the local community and fulfill the responsibilities of local national universities.

By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  lucky.river16@gmail.com

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