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The Renovated CWNU Dormitory
  • By Shin Min-joo, reporter
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▲ The renovated laundry room and light meals served at breakfast

For this semester, the CWNU dormitory has been renovated and reopened. Students' expectations are increasing, in that they actively accepted and renovated based on students' opinions, while improving the previous insufficient dormitory environment. The most significant change in the dormitory is the replacement of the washing machines. They have been replaced with washing machines that accept an app payment by, ‘UNIELUX company.’ Coin washing machines and dryers from the existing general washing machines will no longer be in use. Due to the lack of the contractual period due to remodeling work, washing machines in the rest of the dormitory, except for 2- 3 buildings, were replaced with 40 drum washing machines, and 19 drum dryers were installed. Washing machines and dryers are now used by scanning QR codes using the app, ‘Hyphen- Pay,’ and then paying for them electronically. If students want to use the machines, they must download the app, ‘Hyphen- Pay,’ and register their bank account to charge the amount. The washing machines and the dryers each costs about 1,000 won per use, and this payment method will be used until February 28, 2028. Students' thoughts on using the renovated laundry room were examined through interviews with a residential student.

Q. Tell me about yourself.

Kim: Hi, I'm Kim Yoon-seo, a student in the Department of Public Administration.

Q. What is convenient about the replacement of the washing machines?

Kim: As the use of the washing machines becomes app operated, the number of users is reduced than as before, so one can do laundry right away without waiting. Also, with the dryer installed, it's beneficial because we don't need to dry the laundry in our rooms anymore.

Q. What is inconvenient about the replacement of the washing machine?

Kim: It was difficult to adapt to the app because we didn’t need to use the app before, and it’s disappointing that I couldn't do laundry more frequently than before as the washing machine became app operated.

CWNU dormitory not only renovated the laundry room, but also completely reorganized the dormitory restaurant menu. Starting from the 28th of last month, light breakfasts will be served with a total of three menus to choose from, with a set of pre- meals and a set of sandwiches added from the existing salad menus. You can choose between an existing salad set with salads and drinks, a pre- made meal with milk or soy milk, a pre- made set with boiled eggs, or a sandwich set with a variety of sandwiches and drinks. You must apply by 2 p.m. the day before the receipt date to receive them during breakfast time. Through an interview with the same interviewer, we learned about the opinions of the residential students’ on the simple meals served at breakfast.

Q. Have you ever used the revamped breakfast menu?

Kim: Yes, I have. I've had all the salad, sandwiches, and misu sets.

Q. What did you like about the menu reorganization?

Kim: I like that there's a wide variety of menus, so there's more choice. In the case of the, ‘misu set,’ it was good because the, ‘misu set,’ combines dietary fiber and protein, so I can enjoy a nutritious meal even in the dormitory.

As a result of the interview, students replied that the number of washing machine users decreased as the washing machines became charged per use, allowing them to do laundry without delay and installing a dryer. On the other hand, students complained of regret over the difficulty of using the app and the high cost of laundry. In addition, some said, "Account registration is essential when using the app, 'Hyphen Pay,' but bluetooth connection is not smooth," and, "It is burdensome in that an average of 2,000 won is spent on one wash." In terms of simple meals served at breakfast, students cited the fact that the menu has more choices than before, so students can enjoy nutritious meals even in the dormitory. Furthermore, students seem to be generally satisfied without any regrets, after the reorganization.

CWNU dormitory faced various changes in addition to laundry rooms and simple meals served at breakfast. As it became possible to purchase meal tickets, which had been suspended since COVID- 19, students who do not live in the dormitory and have already used all of their tickets, can use the dormitory restaurant. In addition, unlike before, when only a single menu was provided, lunch and dinner are provided in two variations, which are expected to improve the quality of students' meals. The Campus Journal hopes that the improvement and development of the CWNU dormitory will continue for the convenience of students.

By Shin Min-joo, reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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