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Public Relations Cooperation for Entrance Between College of Future Convergence and Changwon City
  • By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.10.04 09:23
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On September 13, the College Of Future Convergence of Changwon University and Changwon City cooperated and progressed public relations for the entrance examinations. And Changwon University discussed a scheme of cooperation related with the Department of New Growth Industry and Business Guide in Changwon City. It seems to have a positive effect on the future because they promote and try new ways, at this time, in nonscheduled admission. What do they concentrate joint efforts on, in order to promote entrance examinations?

At this time, the College of Future Convergence of Changwon University, which focuses on the public relations of entrance examinations with Changwon City, is composed of future-oriented and various majors. Seven majors belong to the College of Future Convergence of Changwon University: Department of New Industry Convergence Management (Night class), Mecha Convergence Engineering (Night class), Faculty of Startup Asset Convergence Wealth Management Track, Faculty of Startup Asset Convergence Startup Convergence Track, Anti-aging Healthcare, Cultural Techno, and Energy Convergence Engineering.

There were three screenings of applicants in the rolling recruitment of College of Future Convergence in 2022. Four majors: the Department of New Industry Convergence Management (Night class), Mecha Convergence Engineering (Night class), Faculty of Startup Asset Convergence, Anti-aging Healthcare, had an opportunity to be able to apply to three screenings: Employment, Lifelong Learner, and Specialized High School Employee screening. Unlike different screenings, people who want a chance to understand all of the requirements, can enroll to veiw these screenings. There is also a difference in operating a customized education system for adult learners, who can work and study at the same time as night and weekend classes. Additionally, the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is a needless condition and there are the limits like age and whether you are in office or not. However, in this year, eligibility for applications has been changed.

The admission age of existing lifelong learner screening had been over 30 years old on the basis of the final deadline for filing applications. However, currently, it has been lowered to 23 years of age. It has reorganized to be able to conduct rolling recruitment actively by providing an opportunity to Changwon City's many citizens. They implemented the promotion through a popup window of rolling recruitment promotion on the website of Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Changwon City's investment-funded institution. In addition to promoting on a local website, Changwon University has an advantage, as a national university, the admission age of lifelong learner screenings could draw attention from Changwon City's citizens who were considering this. Therefore, this promotion seems to be effective and expected. Public relations cooperation was promoted through the joint efforts of the Admissions Department Dongbaekwan (University of Future Convergence Administration Office), Computing Center, and Changwon City. Changwon City aimed to provide a lot of applications to the College of Future Convergence by employees and lifelong learners in related institutions, businesses, and commerce, including Changwon Industrial Promotion Agency, an investment-funded institution. Choi Hee-gyu, Dean of the College of Future Convergence in Changwon University, said, “Gyeongsangnam-do will promote actively to related institutions in the province, and the Chamber of Commerce including Gyeongnam Techno Park, an investment-funded institution, so that workers and lifelong learners can apply for it.” Also, he emphasized that we would accelerate the promotion more actively through interviews with the Governor, prior to the regular recruitment in the future.

The rolling recruitment date for Changwon University was from September 13 to 17, finally the application period has now been closed. The regular admissions, which will take place after the CSAT, will be held only by Internet applications, for a total of five days from December 29 to January 2, 2023. In regular admissions, there is expected to be an active promotion between Changwon City and the College of Future Convergence. If you are interested in the College of Future Convergence, please find the admission schedule on Changwon University's website for screenings and details.

▲College of Future Convergence's popup window of rolling recruitment promotion(Source: Changwon University)

By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter  pseun1017@naver.com

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