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 Korean Culture Experience for International Students
  • By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter
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▲Group photo of Changwon University foreign students experiencing Korean culture (Source: Changwon University website)

Changwon University International Exchange Education Center, is an education center established for domestic and foreign students. First, the Center for International Exchange Education at Changwon University, is operating a Korean language education institute called: Korean Language Institute. The Korean Language Institute is an educational institution that helps foreign freshmen, international students, language trainees, and overseas Koreans, to improve their Korean language skills and to improve their understanding of Korean culture and history, through Korean language education. Second, there is the, “Blue Ladder Project.” The Blue Ladder project is a project that exchanges with other universities and sends students overseas training for 4 weeks. This project supports local education expenses, round-trip airfare, and dormitory expenses for overseas training. Lastly, it is a cultural experience activity. This cultural experience activity was continuously suspended due to distancing, in conjunction with the continued COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. However, as the distancing was lifted, Changwon University's Center for International Exchange and Education, conducted the, 'Cultural Experience for International Students in 2022'.

This program was conducted for foreign students studying at Changwon University. The first expected effect from this program is to broaden the understanding of Korean culture for foreign students. International students have had few opportunities to learn Korean culture due to COVID-19. However, now that social distancing has been lifted, it is now possible to learn Korean culture more abundantly, through cultural experience activities. The second, is to motivate students to learn through the improvement of college life satisfaction. This cultural experience activity shows that college life is not only about academia, but also learning culture and learning various hobbies, are also included in college life.

In this cultural experience activity, the place where international students went to experience culture was Gyeongju. International students had the opportunity to visit the Gyeongju National Museum located in Gyeongju, the capital of the Shilla millennium, to see the cultural heritage of Silla, and to experience entertainment that can only be experienced in Korea through Gyeongju World. Also, through this cultural experience activity, we had an opportunity to establish a correct perception of Korean culture and history. In addition, they participated in the famous Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival in Gyeongju and conducted various experiential activities to understand Korean culture, such as the ability to communicate and empathize with local residents. Through this, international students who participated in this activity, developed a sense of belonging, as members of Changwon University and the local community.

The foreign students said, “Through the cultural experience, I got a better understanding of Korea, and it was a good opportunity to get away from my studies for a while and recharge.” Changwon University's International Exchange Education Center Director Bae Baek-jin emphasized, "We will continue to strengthen on-site education for foreign students at our university, so that they can share Korean culture widely and gain a deep understanding of the local community." If you are a foreign student belonging to Changwon University or a Changwon University student who wants to go to another university for language training, please visit the Changwon University International Relations Center (https://www.changwon.ac.kr/affairs/main.do) for more information. In addition to that, you can find information about activities conducted within the school, such as cultural experiences, by visiting the aforementioned site.

By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter  rlghks523@naver.com

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