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Autumn Foliage Attractions That Color Autumn
  • By An So-yeon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.09.26 21:09
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▲Autumn foliage tree in Naejang Mountain, which became a natural monument. (source: Yonhap News)

When the heat subsides and it gets chilly, people realize that autumn is here. Above all, however, autumn leaves make you feel that autumn has arrived. Every fall, many people gather at autumn foliage attractions to see the red-colored autumn leaves, and some areas hold autumn foliage festivals. Let's take a look at the autumn foliage attractions all over Korea beginning with Changwon.

In Changwon, a festival is held every year in early November, on Metasequoia Street in Seongsan Art Hall. Yongji Lake, Outdoor Sculpture Park, and KBS Changwon Hall near Seongsan Art Hall, have beautiful scenery in autumn. The festival has been held since 2005 to create a city of corporate love and a city where everyone wants to live. In order to comfort citizens who are tired of living in the city, the theme of the event is, ‘Going Back to Mother's House,’ and the event is aimed at remembering their childhood hometowns. The festival will feature a choir of autumn leaves, a commemorative concert, and a weekend family puppet show.

Beopju Temple is located in Sejo-ro, Mt.Songni, Boeun-gun, North Chungcheong Province. At the entrance to Beopju Temple, red maple leaves cover the sky, with stone pagodas and tiles adding to the atmosphere. Sejogil is 2.4 kilometers from Beopju Temple and Sesimjeong. There is a lake called "Suwon Pond," on Sejogil, and anyone can walk comfortably because the slope is not too steep. In addition, in Sejogil, there are eyebrow rocks, mokyokso, Beopju Temple's hippo tombstone, and valleys. From the Iljumun of Beopju Temple, you can see colorful autumn leaves, giving you the impression of looking through a picture frame. Beopju Temple has national treasures and other treasures, such as Palsangjeon Hall and Double Lion Stone Lantern, the only wooden pagoda in Korea. In addition, the Great Buddha of Maitreya is about 25 meters tall, the largest in Korea. Besides autumn leaves, there are many other delights to see.

The Autumn Leaves Festival will also be held in Gonjiam Hwadam Forest in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. Hwadam Forest has been selected as one of Korea's 100 Most Popular Tourist Attractions for autumn leaves, by the Korea Tourism Organization twice in a row. The Hwadam Forest Autumn Leaves Festival features 400 kinds of autumn leaves, including the, ‘Acer palmatum var. naraii’, ‘Acer palmatum var. pilosum’, ‘Manchurian Fullmoon Maple’ and ‘Norwegian Autumn Leaves’. However, for safe viewing, reservations are accepted in advance during the festival. There are 10,000 visitors a day. Reservations will start on Sept. 15 and run for about a month from Oct. 16 to Nov. 14. Business hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, and the last admission time is 5 p.m. You can't enter without an advancednd reservation. Once you succeed in booking your ticket, you can enter according to the reservation time. Admission is not allowed after a certain period of time and admission is restricted when sold out. This year, the park will open at night and you will be able to enjoy illuminated autumn leaves. There is a monorail in the Hwadam Forest, which you can also ride. However, if you do not wear a mask or exceed 37.5 after taking your temperature, you will not be allowed to enter. Also, Hwadam Forest is prohibited from bringing in food and drink, other than beverages purchased at the park, and all areas are prohibited from drinking and smoking. Be careful not to bring in mats, tripods, kickboards, tents, shade, drones, cooking utensils, collecting tools, etc., that may cause inconvenience to other customers.

Mt. Naejang in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province, is one of the Eight Scenic Views of Joseon due to its beautiful autumn leaves. Naejang Mountain holds a, ‘Naejang Mountain Autumn Foliage Married Couple’s Love Festival,’ every October. Jeongeup City, the hometown of Baekje's song, ‘Jeongeup Temple’, has been holding a marital love festival since 1990, to reflect the meaning of love and virtue sung in Baekjae's song, ‘Jeongeup Temple’. However, in 2007, the festival was held under the current name, combining the Married Couple's Love Festival and the Autumn Leaves Festival. The event will feature Gugak performances, an autumn leaves play, Jeonggeupsa Folk Contest, and fireworks displays. Enjoying autumn leaves through folk events will cause a new kind of autumn embrace.

Many autumn leaves are attractions of nature itself, giving people gorgeous visual pleasures. It is recommended to see the autumn leaves when you feel suffocated. However, it is important to enjoy just family on a small scale, safely this fall. Nowadays, safety is the most important thing, so if you follow the safety rules and enjoy autumn leaves, you will spend autumn without regrets.

By An So-yeon, cub-reporter  1102soy@naver.com

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