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Autumn Leaves Colored Our Thoughts: Reading Colored Our Hearts
  • By Lee Yeon-jin, cup-reporter
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▲ A woman reading a book

The hot summer that greeted us with the sound of cicadas has passed. Autumn is approaching with the cool wind. People often refer to fall as the, 'season of reading'. Why is autumn called the reading season from amongst the four seasons? Han Yu, a writer of great literature of China's Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem called, “Bu Dokseo seongnam,” a poem that encourages his son, ‘Bu,’ to read at a house, south of the castle. According to the contents of the poem, autumn is a perfect season to study. This is because people can feel relaxed and at peace knowing that they have completed this year's farming and have an abundance of food for winter. Thanks to the abundance of autumn, a season that we now anticipate, is known as the season of reading.

Then, what about CWNU students' reading life? The Campus Journal conducted a survey on reading from August 30 to September 2 with CWNU students. CWNU students answered that the average monthly amount of reading was 1 to 3 (72.7%), followed by 0 (18.2%) and 4 to 5 (9.1%), and 27.3% of the respondents said they read novels, followed by books in various fields at 22.7%. Including literature (18.25%), and economic, management, and political fields (13.6%). Among the students who participated in the survey, the Campus Journal conducted an interview with Kim Hyeong-seo, a CWNU’s student, who loves reading.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Kim: Hello, I'm Kim Hyung-seo, a freshman in Industrial Systems Engineering.

Q: What made you interested in reading books?

Kim: My parents have made me develop a habit of reading a lot since I was young. As I participated in various book review contests hosted by the library, so I became interested in reading and started reading books.

Q: What do you think is the charm of a book?

Kim: It enhances my concentration and makes me feel like my writing skills are getting better. I think the strongest attraction is to get a glimpse of a writer’s thoughts, feelings, experiences, and imagination.

Q: What is your favorite book and why?

Kim: My favorite book is, 'Temperature of Language,' by Lee Ki-joo. The reason is that it is the first book I read among the books written by my favorite writer, Lee Ki-joo. After reading the phrase, ‘each language has its own temperature’, I thought people don't feel responsible for what they say, and that my words may have been hurtful to someone because they felt they were cold.

Q: What is the most memorable phrase in the book, 'Temperature of Language,' and why?

Kim: Among the lines in this book, the most memorable line is, "I should live with a small door open in my heart, so that violent emotions don't ruin me." While reading this book, I remembered that I grew apart from my close friend due to intense emotions. The book told me not to talk excitedly with ease of mind. After reading that phrase, it is one that I still remember. This is because I was thinking, "Wouldn't I have a better result if I had talked calmly at the time?" This brought me an opportunity to settle down my thoughts.

Q: What is the book you want to recommend to CWNU’s students who are having a hard time with books and why?

Kim: I would like to recommend a book called, ‘Can We Be Happy, Too,’ written by Oh Yeon-ho. This book reveals the reason why there is a difference in the happiness index between Korea and Denmark: how a person can be happy. It is a book that explains in detail what the author felt and experienced while he was in Denmark. Therefore, I would like to recommend this book because I want other students to feel happy in their daily lives.

Q: Lastly, please tell me one thing you want to tell students about reading.

Kim: Adults say that you need to read a lot to be smart and that you are a good student if you read. However, I hope that many people will not have a purpose for reading. Also, I want them to enjoy reading without any burden.

College students who have started school are living busy lives. When people are busy with their bodies and minds in these days, reading plays a role in making people's minds stable. Why don't you put down your smartphone for a while in the fall and open a book? If you are not interested in a book, there are many movies and dramas known to be entertaining. For example, “The Great Gatsby,” and “Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young”, both based on books. Therefore, please look for the original books and read them closely. Also, CWNU Library website tells you recommended books and the best books to loan. Let's all fall in love with reading this autumn!

By Lee Yeon-jin, cup-reporter  dlduswls45@naver.com

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