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Use Summer Vacation as a Time for Professional Development
  • By Jung In-hee, cub-reporter
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▲ Certificate-related books and preparation sites (Source: PxHere)

Many students enjoy traveling during summer vacation. Students usually save money by working part-time during the semester, and then go on a trip to have unique experiences during the vacation. Traveling can change people's perspective on daily life and can make lifelong memories. However, due to COVID-19, traveling has become more difficult. So students are worried about how to spend their summer vacation. However, there are still many ways to work on personal development over summer vacation. One of the best ways is obtaining a certificate.

Vacation is a good opportunity to get various forms of certification. One certificate that is good to acquire during vacation is the computer utilization ability standard 1 and 2. Due to information and data being a part of every industry, data management as well as management analysis in areas such as sales, finance, and production are vital skills. The computer utilization ability standard test is a national technical qualification test that evaluates people’s abilities to utilize spreadsheets and databases, which are essential programs for office function. To pass the computer utilization ability standard 1 requires computer and spreadsheet knowledge. To pass the computer utilization ability standard 2 test requires additional knowledge of databases. The computer utilization ability standard test has no validity period, but people must pass the practical test within two years of passing the written test.

Another valuable certificate is the history certificate. This is a certificate that provides additional qualifications in the recruitment and promotion of working in some public and private companies, and for the appointment of public officials. This certificate is needed in order to apply for the job of a civil servant of Grade 5 and 7, and public corporations and public organizations of at least Grade 2 or higher. And Level 3 of the history certificate or higher must be prepared to apply for the Grade 9 civilian worker job in the military and for the teacher certification examination. There is not an overall qualification period for the history exam, but each institution that requires a certificate has its own qualification period, so it is better to research ahead of time and prepare accordingly.

The word processor certificate is useful, and is relatively less difficult than the computer utilization ability standard certificate. In order to handle the fast and precise documentation required by companies, it is good to have knowledge of the basic use of computers and word processors that are necessary for efficient documentation. After completing the written test, people completing the certificate must take a practical test within two years from the date of the written test, so it is important to prepare carefully ahead of time.

In addition to certificates, preparing for TOEIC is a good way to spend time on a vacation. TOEIC is a global evaluation test that evaluates practical English skills needed for daily life or international work, focusing on communication skills for non-native English speakers. Since various institutions and companies that are hiring people widely used for promotion or selection of overseas dispatch personnel, it is good to make scores in advance when time is available. However, it is important to acquire TOEIC because it has a validity period of two years.

Reading books is always a good activity for vacations. Reading is a leisure activity to strengthen the mind after spending a semester busy with classes and homework. A driver's license is also good to acquire within a short amount of time. It is good to think of ways to use the vacation period productively.

Due to coronavirus, everyone is getting used to indoor life and have started their vacations while outside activities have decreased. However, rather than spending time meaninglessly, there are many ways to work on self-improvement and stay productive.

By Jung In-hee, cub-reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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