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What Does The Campus Journal Mean to Us?
  • By Lee Yeon Ju,Editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2020.12.07 08:54
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After three and a half years, my long journey has finally come to an end. I have no doubt in saying that The Campus Journal has played a major role in my university life. The Campus Journal has been a valuable asset for me, pushing me to improve and become a better person. I learned how to see the world in a variety of perspectives, and learned a lot of lessons from my time as a cub-reporter to editor-in-chief. I especially loved the energy from the students, professors, and all of the different organizations that I interviewed. I hope that The Campus Journal will influence the creativity of CWNU students in the upcoming year. Lastly, thanks to all the great reporters and their support, everyone did a bang up job!

Lee Yeon-ju, Editor-in-chief

This past year has been a wonderful experience working as the English editor at The Campus Journal. I am always impressed by the interesting and compelling articles that the reporters write. The reporters learn so much over their time, and it’s exciting to see them develop and improve their English skills. I’d like to thank the hard work of all the reporters and editors, especially considering all the hardship that everyone has had to face in 2020. I’d also like to thank CWNU for this opportunity to work and grow as an editor. I hope that everyone has a fantastic 2021!

Catherine Salinas, English editor

I have been writing articles in The Campus Journal since my first year at CWNU. My college life was with The Campus Journal. Life as a journalist was a really good experience for me. Sometimes, I had a hard time as a reporter. However, when I wrote a good article and read it, it was really rewarding for me. I want to tell my colleagues and directors who I've worked with "Thank you for working with me." I will always cheer on the reporters of The Campus Journal. This is my last article. But I’m glad to know that The Campus Journal will continue.

Seo Seong-il, reporter

The Campus Journal is a welcome challenge for me. It is not easy to regularly create new ideas and write informative articles. I had to read all sorts of news from a variety of news sources and think about what contents are helpful to readers. Being a reporter makes me interested in social issues, and I get a rewarding feeling after finishing articles. I can’t imagine my university life without The Campus Journal. Although I’m graduating from university, I believe that The Campus Journal is in good hands with the new reporters. Also, my time meeting and getting to know the various people I’ve interviewed has been meaningful to me. Thank you to everybody who has helped me with my articles.

Bae Yun-bin, reporter

For me, this work has always driven me to make my university life more meaningful. It was a great experience to deliver important news by editing the newspaper in a variety of ways. I’ve had a lot of fun working with all the reporters for the past two years. I hope The Campus Journal will continue to thrive!

Kim So-eh, editor

While writing articles as a cub-reporter for this past year, it has been good to be able look into topics about the university and its news that I would have otherwise missed. Also, the education about writing English articles was instructive and interesting. It’s sad that COVID-19 didn't give me a chance to socialize with other reporters. I hope you're all happy. :)

Kim Seong-ju, cub-reporter

The Campus Journal has been a healthy challenge for me. Before I started working for The Campus Journal, I was too shy to even make orders at a store. As I met various people and interviewed them while working in English newspaper, my personality changed a lot. I was so proud when I finally got to hold the newspaper we made in my hands. In the future, I hope that The Campus Journal will continue to succeed, and the day will come when all the students of Changwon National University read The Campus Journal.

Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter

As I traveled to various countries and encountered various cultures, I became interested in English and global issues. Also, I have a lot of interest in social issues. Those are the reasons why I became a reporter for an English newspaper. I also enjoyed meeting a variety of people like students from other majors and professors, and it was always nice to deliver good news. I had a great time this year with The Campus Journal. I was able to grow and take one step further towards my goals. I will always support The Campus Journal.

Choi Yu-ri, cub-reporter

The Campus Journal has been an unforgettable experience for me. So many of the activities I experienced as a cub-reporter were things I had never done before. Those experiences were valuable experiences that helped me grow. I'm no longer a cub-reporter, but I'll return as a reader and enjoy reading The Campus Journal. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to Catherine, editor-in-chief, and my fellow reporters for their great help in my career. Thank you for reading my articles this year.

Seo Hyo-bin, cub-reporter

The year-long cub-reporter’s activities at The Campus Journal of CWNU provided a variety of experiences and learning opportunities. It was a challenge at the beginning, I faced hardship and growth in the middle, and I feel pride at the end. The reporters of The Campus Journal helped me a lot. Thank you to everyone. I will keep my year at The Campus Journal as a memory of 'passion' in my college life.

Jo soo-bin, cub-reporter

By Lee Yeon Ju,Editor-in-chief  rosielee@kakao.com

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