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Class Operation of Experiment Labs and Other Practical Subjects
  • By Lee Yeon-Ju,Editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2020.05.18 04:53
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▲ Operation of limited face-to-face classes at International Affairs.

Changwon National University is allowing limited face-to-face classes for subjects such as for scientific experiments and practical subjects due to the indefinite extension of remote lectures. Originally classes with scientific experiments and practical subjects were planned to start on May 7. However, the date was moved up to May 4 for classes with 100% of their consent forms. The conditions for allowing face-to-face classes requires 100% student agreement on the subjects with less than 10 students. 100% of the agreed subjects require a consent form from an Excel file and a scanned copy (signature verification) to be collected and submitted by the college.

In response, Changwon National University emphasized compliance with the quarantine rules for face-to-face classes. It is mainly necessary to place seats with a social distance of two meters between students before class, to check temperatures for fever and sterilize hands before and after class, to wear masks during class, and to ventilate the room once an hour. If major symptoms of COVID-19 are shown, the class shall be immediately suspended, and cooperation for absence would be officially approved. Attendance is granted for up to four days without a medical certificate even if suspected symptoms don’t occur. If someone shows symptoms, they should wear a mask, wait in the isolation space, and contact the School Medical Office (213-2068) or the Local Public Health Center (225-4000) in accordance with the guidelines.

How are the courses that require limited face-to-face classes being conducted? Take a look at the teaching methods of some departments.

The Pattern Production and Practice 1 Class held by Kim Yeo-sook from the Department of Clothing & Textiles course was held from May 6 and was divided into three classes with no more than 10 people with 100% consent form. The departmental student representative collected the consent forms for the department before the class was conducted. The class was conducted in a free atmosphere only for those who could attend the class. The department informed that supplemental lessons would be offered to students who could not attend this class after the end of the course (6/29-7/27).

Currently, international students are also taking Korean Language School (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and preparing for TOPIK at International Affairs. The language school also carried out with 100% consent from students and strictly adheres to the rules of keeping social distance during class.

The Mechanical Material Experiment Class held by Shin Ki-sam from the Department of New Material had a small problem in the process of submitting the consent forms. An anonymous student who is taking this class said, “I was embarrassed by the fact that the department forced us to submit a consent form without any notice even though it was a class for more than 10 students. He even referred student’s real names through text messages to pressure them to sign the consent form. I think an agreement and consultation between professors and students is necessary, especially in this situation. Now, 100% consent has been rejected and the class is still underway as a remote lecture. After the end of the semester, we are going to have two weeks of experimental classes."

Meanwhile, students who are about to take teaching training courses are anxious about the delayed opening of classes. Choi Eun-ju, from the Department of English Language & Literature said, “The teaching training session is scheduled for two weeks of online lectures plus two weeks of face-to-face training. Online-orientation was scheduled for May 1, but no notice was posted at the scheduled time. Orientation data was finally posted on the notice boards on May 4, but it was different from the date of training given by my department due to their mistake while processing the forms. Thus, I had to go through the reconfirmation process and just wait for the notice again. Currently, a practical school for teaching has been assigned and runs for 5/25-6/5, but we still don't know the course outline (based on 5/8). The school needs to take immediate action and take a greater interest in the students by updating students quickly with new information."

Some lab experiments and practical classes are being replaced by an intensive supplemental period (6/29-7/12) after the end of the semester, and most of the classes are currently conducted as remote lectures. The school conducted a ‘Non-Face-to-Face Class Diagnosis Survey’ and received the complaints and requests from students, but students' inconveniences and complaints have continued. Specific plans for supplemental lessons, unresolved tuition refunds, vast task submission-centered classes, and late announcements also seem to need to be discussed again. We hope that Changwon University will actively cooperate and communicate with students, professors, and schools in the current situation.

By Lee Yeon-Ju,Editor-in-chief  rosielee@kakao.com

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