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Sign Up for the Buddy Program!

Sign Up for the Buddy Program!

The "ISC Buddy Matching Program" is a 1:1 program which matches Korean students with foreign students. It is the first program exclusively run by the ISC (International Student Council). The ISC will manage the planning, promotion, recruiting, and selection process of this program. Anyone who wants to be a part of global communication and cultural exchanges can apply to this program. This will be especially helpful to those who struggle with making foreign friends or Korean friends. Through the buddy program, Korean students can make foreign friends and learn about foreign cultures. Foreign students can also learn about Korean language and culture more easily through exchanges with Korean students.

Anyone enrolled in Changwon University can apply to the buddy program. However, student on a leave onfabsence or over-scheduled students cannot apply. Students are selected by reviewing applications, and priority is given to those who are enthusiastic and willing to make Korean and foreign friends. Buddy pairs will be announced on the third Sunday of every month. Buddy information will be available at the ISC Naver Cafe. Since this is the launch of the program, there are many questions about what’s to come. Helpful information has been provided in Q&A format below. Commonly asked questions and their answers have been provided in Q&A format below.

Q1: Do applicants need to go through an interview?

A1: No, only a paper application is required for this program. When reviewing documents, be sure to demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate.

Q2: Is this program different from the One-To-One program?
A2: Yes. The One-To-One Program is organized by the International Association of Exchanges. But the ISC Buddy Program is the first program organized by the ISC (International Student Council).

Q3: Can applicants request buddies from a specific country?
A3: No, they can't. This program depends on the percentage of foreign student applications received, so requesting a particular country does not work with the program. There are many students from Asian countries at CWNU.

Q4: Can students who miss the application deadline apply the following month?

A4: Sure, they can. The buddy program will run until the second semester, so students can still apply for the program even if they miss the application period.

This program seems very interesting, and will hopefully have many students participating. It is a great opportunity to make foreign or Korean friends, and to make good memories.

By Bae Yun-bin, cub-reporter

By Bae Yun-bin  binibbo99@naver.com

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