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What Does The Golf Course Worker Do
  • By Seo Seong-Il, reporter
  • 승인 2019.09.05 14:21
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Q : What does a Golf Course Worker do?

The main task of a golf course worker is to inform the people who are inquiring about using the golf course at the information desk. And the remaining balls in the field at the golf course inspection time. In addition, I repair and clean the golf course facilities and manage the golf course membership records.

Q : Have you had any interesting experiences at work?

There was an Indian customer who came to the golf course three or four months ago. At that time, the person who is good at communicating in English was absent. So I had a hard time talking to the customer. The at-bat on the golf course is only available to person registered to our golf course, but the Indian customer who was not registered, playing golf at-bat. So I explained to the Indian guest in English and with body language that the at-bat can only enter the class registered on our golf course and then took the Indian guest outside. Then the Indian customer asked me to explain about the golf course registration. I could explain registration really well in Korean but I felt stuffy while explaining in English. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't explain it properly. At that time, I could feel that the Indian customer was frustrated. Then he just went out to the golf course to get his Korean friend. Since then, I thought I should study English more.

Q: What is the hardest thing to do at work?

Sometimes people who don't abide by the rules of the golf course come. For example, only one person can enter a bat at one time, and there are several people who try to sneak in and play golf together. In addition, some customers are asking to take the program twice a day, when the limit is the principle of 60 minutes per day. There are also customers who want to make a reservation by phone, which is against policy. I think it is a little difficult when I have a feud with these kind of customers.

Q : Do you have any requests for people who come to the golf club?

I would appreciate it if you would comply with the rules of golf course. If you read enough of the golf course rules at the information desk before you use the golf course, it will make everyone feel happy. Also, as the saying goes, "Beautiful people have beautiful places" it would be nice if you could throw your trash in trash cans when you use the golf course. Once there was a customer who gave me his card and asked me to make a reservation in advance while he was eating. I said no, but he said, “Make the impossible possible”. Then he just walked away. I would really appreciate it if the people who use the golf course could give some consideration to the students and teachers who work there.

Q: What is your work satisfaction score out of 10?

9 points. I can learn many things by talking with the guests, teachers, and professional golfers who use and work at the golf course. I can also work in a relatively pleasant environment. I think it is also an advantage to be able to work in an exotic place such as a golf course. Out of 10 points, the remaining 1 point can be filled by working people at the golf course and using people who use golf course.

▲ Seo Seung-gyo, a student working at the university golf course

By Seo Seong-Il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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