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Do You Agree to Install CCTV in the Operating Room?

We can easily find CCTV around us. It was set up for the prevention of crime and quick resolution of accidents. However, the operating room, which deals with human life and death, hasn’t been equipped with CCTV yet. Opinions are divided over the mandatory installation of CCTVs in the operating room. Because there are differences in position between doctor and patient. So we listened to the students' opinions about this. The proponents argue that the CCTV should be installed to prevent medical accidents, proxy surgery, and sexual harassment. On the other hand, the doctors' association, which is opposed to the installation of CCTV, asserted the possibility of reduced concentration, human rights violations and information leakage. The pros and cons were discussed, and a brief survey was conducted to ask for the opinions of the students at Changwon National University.

Students' opinions on the mandatory installation of CCTVs in operating room

According to the survey, students overwhelmingly agreed to the idea of installing CCTV in operating rooms. We've already heard a lot of news about accidents during operations. For example, a doctor's irrational acts, an unknown cause of medical accidents, or a ghost surgery which is performed by another doctor without informing the patient. These accidents are happening, but ignoring them will not prevent them at all.

Therefore, CCTV in the surgery room can prevent crime and be used as evidence of medical accidents. In fact, there were incidents where the case was solved through CCTV in the operating room. A man, who had surgery to repair complex, died from excessive bleeding. Thanks to the CCTV in the operating room, his family can know the cause of the accident and make compensation for damages. With CCTV above doctors’ heads, they can operate more responsibly and carefully. This is because careful behavior by the medical staff is deeply related to the patient's life. Crimes and incidents have occurred because CCTV has not been installed yet, and most of the crimes have been particularly criticized by society. For this reason, most students argued that CCTVs should be installed in operating rooms.

However, the opponents proposed that the CCTV installation would invade patient’s privacy, because it is unpleasant to store one's own surgical videos somewhere, and there is a possibility of leaks. One student suggested recording instead of videos. Plus, some doctors are worried irreversible mistakes might occur due to the stress of being recorded. They insist that installing a CCTV can create dangerous surgeries, forces doctors to remain passive in the operating room, and are treated as potential criminals. This part requires more careful consideration as it is an issue that can change the overall medical culture, and doctors hope to discuss ways to solve problems that occur within the operating room more fundamentally.

There were opinions that the installation of CCTVs was necessary to prevent unsavory accidents in the operating room, and that it could infringe on personal privacy and put pressure on doctors. A hospital in Toronto, Canada, said, “We use the operating room black box. It is a device that records the movements of surgical instruments, blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate of patients, including conversations between medical staff. When patients experience problems after surgery, the cause can be identified, and there is less controversy over privacy infringement than CCTV”. In this way, we will have to continue to devise ways to reach a consensus on the two opposing opinions. For whatever reason, an operating room dealing with a person's life should be an honest and safe place. That is why we must continue to devise ways to ensure the human rights and safety of individuals at the same time.

By Bae Yun-bin, cub-reporter

By Bae Yun-bin  binibbo99@naver.com

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