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Find Your Dream with the Great Project!
  • Kang Hwa-jeong, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2019.05.22 23:21
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Changwon University has been working on 'the great project' to help students get a job since last year. The Great Project is a system that supports careers and employment for students at Changwon University. In other words, it is an integrated career management support project that supports career management for each grade in order to create a customized talent required by modern society with admission and to grow into a talent award of our university. There are several programs for a good college life, regardless of grade, until you get a job. The program for last year's project had five areas: competency development counseling, customized career guidance, mentor school, creative skills and C-TOP CLASS. There were individual competency development counseling and Dream Catch competency management in "Capacity Development Consultation”. The career employment guidance operated customized education for each school year. Mentorship was hosted by corporate executives and employees (graduates). Creative skills featured programs to enhance job search skills, such as how to write job applications and interview skills. Finally, in C-TOP CLASS, the curriculum was operated by organizing three programs: Management, Office, Financial Design; Machinery, Construction, Electrical Electronics, Information and Communication; and Chemistry, Life Health and Energy.

At the end of the semester, the 'Great Project' performance report was held at Dongbaekgwan Computer Room. It was carried out in the order of the delivery ceremony of the certificate of excellence in capacity development and the report of the results of 'Great Project’. In addition, eight representatives of capacity development excellence were selected to announce cases of capacity improvement. Last year, a total of 109 students recruited about 100 people on a first-come-first-served basis by school year, but a total of 669 students applied for the program this year. This year, a total of 100 students will be selected and paid for competency improvement programs through systematic support of 'Great Projects' and prize money of 1 million won, 700,000 won, and 500,000 won will be paid. In other words, the number of students participating or the area of scholarships supporting them has definitely increased compared to last year.

'Great Skills' includes special lectures on filling out corporate job documents, on filling out corporate self-introduction statements, on finding out what personnel managers think, on an understanding of the various attitudes required in interviews, and on establishing interview strategies through role-playing interviews. The "Program for Strengthening Career Capacity" will include searching for a job, looking for a job, and making a job. For more information, log in to the Waagle website of Changwon University at (https://portal.changwon.ac.kr/) and visit the Dreamcatcher website at (https://career.changwon.ac.kr/) Or you can call the Changwon National University Human Resources Development Institute number 055-213-2625.

Changwon University said it wants to provide students with practical help in career and job search activities through the program. In response, it hopes that students develop "regional leadership," "creative thinking," "practical fusion capacity," "physical communication capacity" and "global competence."

Kang Hwa-jeong, cub-reporter  passionatel_@naver.com

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