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Spending My Second Life in Korea
  • By Seo Seong-Il, reporter
  • 승인 2019.02.28 12:58
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On February 15, 2019, there was an award ceremony for 2018 degrees.

Many graduated, including Japanese student Takeno Asuka. Unlike ordinary foreign students, 3 years ago, she married a Korean man and started her college life. Let's find out about her life in Korea.

Q : What are the reasons and goals for studying in Korea?

I did not decide to study abroad in Korea before. I studied abroad in San Diego, USA. After that, I became a world history teacher in a high school in Japan. Three years ago, I visited Busan and met my husband. My husband met me and proposed the next day and we got married. After I got married, I settled my life in Japan and came to Changwon, Korea. I entered Changwon University's Korean Language Institute to learn Korean, and then entered the Department of International Trade. The Department of International Trade is a few university departments in the world.. I thought it was a rare opportunity. So I wanted to study there.

Q : What is difficult and good about living in Korea?

I have a Korean husband and a family to take care of. So it was hard to do the housework after class. Especially, the schedule was not good the first semester of the third grade. I took classes all day long, and then I came home to prepare dinner, do laundry, and clean the house. However, a good thing was to make good Korean friends through a one-to-one program. Thanks to them, I was able to adjust to Korean life and was glad to meet people who I would not have met in Japan.

Q : What about Korean students did you envy during your college years?

First, I envied them drinking late every night with their friends.

I could also drink with foreign friends, but it was difficult because I had a husband and family. Sometimes when my husband came home late, I also drank and played with my friends. Second, I envied how quickly they could do homework. I was poor at Korean, so it took me all weekend to do my homework.

Q : What do Japanese students usually after they graduate?

First of all, Japanese students who study abroad do not try get a job in Korea. Most Japanese go to graduate school in Korea or go back to Japan to get a job. or study. Also, most of the students studying abroad are women, so they meet a Korean man and get married or go back to Japan where they have family.

Q : Why do Japanese people come to Korea to study abroad?

Most Japanese don't come to make money. They just want to experience studying abroad. They also come because it is closer, safer, and has fewer cultural differences than China. Also, Koreans are cool. It costs less than living in Japan. College tuition itself is about half as cheap.

Q : What is your current goal?

First, I want to speak Korean better and get a job in Korea. Second, since I married, having a baby is also my goal. Third, I want to make many Korean friends. To do that, I must correct my introverted personality first. Fourth, I want to be a study coordinator and teach Japanese to those who aim to study in Japan. Also, my goal is to help many foreign students so that they do not have visa difficulties when studying abroad.

▲ Japanese student Takeno Asuka

By Seo Seong-Il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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