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Dr. Seong Hae-jin, a female scientist at Changwon University, Won the 'Future Talent Prize'
  • Park Ji-hwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.11.11 08:01
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Dr. Seong Hae-jin, a female scientist graduated from Changwon National University with a doctorate in Electrical and Electronic Control Engineering. Dr. Sung Hae-jin won the "Future Talent Prize" hosted by the Korean Women's Science and Technology Association on October 31, 2018. The 'Future Talent Prize' is being awarded held to discover female scientists of the next generation and to help enhance scientific competitiveness. In other words, it is a prize given to a woman scientist on the global stage who has accomplished outstanding research and will greatly contribute to the development of science and technology in Korea. Dr. Sung Hae-jin was recognized as a female scientist who has greatly contributed to technological development by leading the research on the development of 'large-capacity superconducting offshore wind turbines' at the next generation Power Technology Application Research Center. In the field of engineering in 2018, researchers and professors from Harvard, Yonsei and Ewha Womans University were honored. Among them, Dr. Seong Hae-jin is the only awards recipients of awards from a local university. Dr. Sung Hae-jin's winning of the "Future Talent Prize" is significant in that the National University of Changwon produced a promising female scientist who was recognized as promising.

Dr. Sung Hae Jin, said in an award speech for the award of the 'Future Talent Prize', "I am very pleased to receive a grand prize and I think it is a small reward for my research. I think it was not just a prize for myself, but a prize I received with my fellow researchers and professors.Dr. Sung Hae-jin earned her doctorate degree under the guidance of Professor Yoo In-geun and Professor Park Min-won of the electrical and electronic control engineering department at Changwon National University, and was selected through 13 to 1 competition in the research and development project. Dr. Sung Hae-jin is still working on a project to develop core technologies for Dae Yong-hyang Superconducting wind turbines. On the difficulty of research and development, Dr. Seong Hae-jin said, "There are many difficulties in studying new things and things that others do not do." She also added that she did not worry about what she did not know by herself, but overcame the difficulties by exchanging opinions with her colleagues, professors and juniors. Dr. Sung Hae Jin added positive advice for students who want to enter a scientific or scientific field, "These days, my parents tell me to get a job rather than go to graduate school. I think it is important for me to make my own decisions before accepting my parents' recommendation. If you have more meaning in studying, you should express your intention accurately and study. If you do that, good results will be waiting for you. "

Park Ji-hwan, cub-reporter  mm9780@naver.com

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