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The inside story of double major and transfer students
  • Park Seon-gyeong, reporter
  • 승인 2018.04.17 02:44
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The inside story of double major and transfer students

Each department of CWNU is composed of regular students, double majors and transfer students. There are fewer transfer students and double majors than regular students and many of them are first to study their major. Many of these classmates of ours have trouble in school and I heard about their school life.

Q: Please let me know if there are any difficulties you experienced after starting your new school life.

A: Double major student in Business Administration: First of all, I felt that the atmosphere was very different in each department. I'm a double major and managing my grades is very important. I think there is too little information in each lecture. I found it very difficult, especially when I signed up for classes. It was a real hassle to ask for things from the department office. I wasn’t able to take the classes I wanted.

Double major student in Accounting: There was no information about which classes were given in the department and which ones were better to take first. Because there is no base curriculum for multiple majors, I had a lot of difficulties in applying for courses. In double major, the basic notions of the subject are an important factor in the lectures, but it is often difficult to understand them because professors teach under the premise that we already know these basic concepts. Even if I made known my concerns, the professor just answered, "Oh Well."

Double major student in Mass Communication: I applied for a double major with excitement about the theory and practice of journalism, but… I can't take any classes that involve making video or that utilize equipment because the department office said there’s a problem with the difference in tuition. I don’t feel right about this. It’s as if red beans are missing from red bean bread. I really wanted to learn about video editing. If I knew this in advance, I would think twice about applying for a double major again.

Transfer student in Korean Language and Literature: I went to another school for two years and this is the first time for me to come to CWNU. I want to participate in many department events like a freshman, but I seem to hang out with people who have already made their own memories, so I felt awkward. Freshmen don't feel comfortable because they’re all different ages to me. I'm slightly stressed out about that.

Q: Is there anything you want to do specifically in your school life now?

A: Double major student in Business Administration: I would like to seriously discuss the application problem among professors and their assistants, but I don't think it wouldn’t be difficult to make improvements. It might be complicated for department offices to do that for us as a small minority, and wouldn't it have already been improved if it could have? Furthermore, academic information is often shared between lower and upperclassmen, but I find it difficult to be close enough to my classmates to share such information.

Double major student in Accounting: Until now, I think there are things that need to be improved. I would like each department to run its own program to help double-major and transfer students. I want to share information about this department and receive help from regular students with some kind of mentor-mentee program. Also, it should be easier to enroll in lectures! If department offices make a separate list of major subjects that double major students must take from the start, it would be a huge convenience for us.

Double major student in Mass Communication: First of all, I think dual majors should enjoy whatever they can. As I mentioned above, I hope that double major students can also take classes with access to equipment. But when I checked, the administrative procedures were difficult to do so. I think a department office should let students know potential difficulties in advance.

Transfer student in Korean Language and Literature: I would like the department to provide a notice in the beginning. I think that information is very important in this place. For me, there have been quite a few times when I was embarrassed because of wrong information. That initial time is important and I would like each and every student president to pay attention to the new entrants.

Transfer student in International Relations: While learning is important in school life, I think it is important to meet and communicate with different people. I hope our regular classmates will come to us with an open mind! I also want to open various programs for socializing, school adaptations, and academic studies for transfer students. With that, I think we can study in a better environment!

By Park Seon-gyeong, reporter

Park Seon-gyeong, reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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