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Do you know about any activities for International students?
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, cub-reporter
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There are many programs for international students at Changwon University. Nonetheless, there are many students who don’t know about international activities. These events can unite us through team activities by giving chances to meet new friends while living in Korea. Also, it is recommended to participate in them because they have the advantage of offering various experiences. The Campus Journal presents some activities for international students:

  1. International Student Support Program
    The International Student Support Program has a one-to-one program (Global Supporter). The one-to-one program is a support program for foreign students living in Korea. It is a program that guides and supports the life of studying abroad by assigning international students and native students 1:1, providing information on campus life and academic affairs, and Korean study support. What should not be misunderstood is the 'Language Culture Exchange Program', not the Student Support Program. Language exchange activities will be done 6 times and a report should be made and posted on the International Exchange Community website. There is a campus mission that tells you about campus facilities, such as taking photos at the dormitory lake, and measuring the Inbodies(analysis of the body ingredient) at the Bongrim Student hall. In addition, there are the Daedongjeo Mission, culinary culture experience, and sports experience to support various experiences at International Affairs and lead active communication between international students and native students.

    2. Gyeongnam Tourism Global Student SNS Press
    ‘Gyeongnam Tourism Global Student SNS reporter’ covers the 18 cities, sightseeing spots, festivals, and cultures of Gyeongnam and conducts SNS publicity. It operates as a viral marketing method by registering on domestic and overseas SNS accounts such as Wei Bo, Facebook, Instagram. It is aimed at foreign university students and Korean college students living in Korea, and provides coverage of activities and support from the journalism academy. This activity informs the world of Gyeongnam tourist destinations with creative online content that reflects the emotions of our own people, and promote friendly relations through exchanges and cooperation among university students of various nationalities. For more information about the press, call 070-8709-8892 or visit the bulletin board for international students.

    3. International Youth Center - Youth Management Team
    The International Youth Center is a not-for-profit organization founded to promote the rights of international students and is operated by Korean-American organizations and corporations. It helps with free legal counseling and conflict resolution, supports early settlement for international students, and runs seminars and campaigns. The International Youth Center recruits a variety of external activities, among which is the Youth Operations Team. The Youth Management Team aims to help young people grow on their own. The young people who want to contribute to social change through their talent and participation plan the activities they want on their own. In the metropolitan area of Seoul, students will learn the qualities of being a healthy society member such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, and community consciousness while planning a program to accomplish the missions given by three teams: a service planning team, a rights team and a public relations department. The Youth Steering Group can be joined regardless of nationality, gender, or status. The site link is http://www.us-isrc.org/

    4. Ministry of Employment and Labor Young Reporters & Foreign Correspondents
    The Ministry of Employment and Labor's Young Reporters report to the people of Korea through the Ministry of Employment and Labor's blog on the global employment and labor trends and trends in the country where the foreign correspondent is located. It is active for 9 months. It is registered in the human resources, reporters of the Ministry of Employment and Labor to plan and produce monthly policy-related content. There are benefits such as paying a certain amount of manuscripts at the time of the activity and awarding a certificate of foreign correspondent of the Minister of Employment and Labor. There are also invitations to events related to the Ministry of Employment and Labor to obtain useful information. For more information, please contact us at 02-3482-2004 and the site link at http://blog.naver.com.molab_suda/30159461699.

By Lee Yeon-ju, cub-reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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