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The worst drought hits the country heavily
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.06.08 13:56
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Currently, most locals in the country are suffering from the worst drought. Its damages are spreading inland. The reason is thought to be a decrease of rainfall and water reserve rates of some locals and the intense heat.

Since early this year until now, the rainfall of the country is 161.1mm which is 56% of the 292.7mm of a normal year. Moreover, the capital areas and Jeonnam area are less than half that rate. The rainfall of June to August is expected to be the same as a normal year or less.

The water reserve rate of multipurpose dams which provide water for industry and living is 41.3% and it is higher than the normal yearly rate of 39.7%. So providing water for industry and living is not a big problem. However, the water reserve rate of the Boryeong dam that provides water to 8 localities in Chungnam has decreased to a single digit. If it doesn’t rain until the end of next month and the drought continues, limited water is inevitable.

In the case of water for agriculture, the water reserve rate is 61% compared to a normal year’s rate of 75%. In addition, the drought south of Kyungki and west of Chungnam is getting worse and worse. Also, some locals have undergone a water shortage.

Gyeongnam is approaching drought as well. The water reserve rate of Gyeongnam is 68.1% and it is relatively higher than the average of the water reserve in the country. However, it is a dangerous situation if we compare to previous periods. The water reserve rate of Gyeongnam is lower than the normal yearly rate of 80.1%. Some locals in Gyeongnam like in Namhae and Goseong are in a drought now and they are using emergency feedwater to prevent further serious drought.

According to these situations from the past, the government controls plans since October 2016 to prevent continuing drought since 2015.

The government devises adding plans for making safety farming and the rice-planting season like conducting emergency aid. The Ministry of Public Safety and Security of the Republic of Korea has plans to consider actively supporting money for droughts and supports special grants for obtaining water for agriculture. Furthermore, the government said, “We will respond to all the damage of the drought to cooperate with the agencies concerned.”

The land of the Boryeong dam

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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