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Please consider the dormitory cafeteria smoking zones

In recent years, smoking booths have been installed in various places of the campus. Smoking booths are designed to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and to acknowledge the rights of smokers. There is also a smoking booth near the student dormitory building 7. The rest of the dormitory buildings are scheduled to have smoking booths installed but until now, there are smoking zones for smokers. For example, Sky Park in front of dormitory 6 is designated as a smoking zone. How about the outdoor terrace area next to the dormitory cafeteria? Some students smoke on the terrace next to the dining hall because they think it is a good place to smoke right after a meal. However, the area is a No Smoking Zone. It causes an inconvenience to students who eat at the ‘Honbab table’ (a table for students who eat alone) just beyond the glass. In addition, because the door is not always tightly closed, if someone smokes beyond the glass, students eating can feel uncomfortable from tobacco smoke. Students who smoke there tend to think that the trash jar next to the door of the cafeteria is for cigarette butts, but if you look closely at the walls, there is a post that prohibits smoking. A student dormitory officer said all areas except a few smoking zones around the student dormitory were designated as non-smoking areas. The terrace next to the dormitory cafeteria is a place where students can freely rest and eat outdoors. The student dormitory officer said, “From May, we are planning to operate a fountain on the terrace so we will strengthen dormitory rules and supervise smokers who smoke in the terrace area (a non-smoking zone) and post a no-smoking sign. Smoking and non-smoking students should respect each other's rights and the school has a duty to ensure rules are followed and to maintain the environment well.

Sarah Park  starcity2015@changwon.ac.kr

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