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6 upcoming activities that are making our society better
  • by Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.04.14 01:00
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Official reporter recruitment from Humanities 360˚

Unlike domestic companies, foreign major enterprises want talented people who are qualified with liberal arts knowledge. Actually, as you see employee distribution, you would know that foreign companies have many more employees who major in humanities compared to domestic companies. Recently, humanities have become important also in Korea because all technical skills are aimed at human relationships. Technology's difference would be a subtle distinction but liberal arts knowledge can show creativity and imagination. So liberal arts knowledge's difference is infinitely large. Thus, experts say, "What is needed is liberal arts knowledge in our times." Carly Fiorina, a former CEO of HP who majored in philosophy and medieval history said, "History and philosophy majors didn't help me to find a job. But they have been very significant in my life." Therefore, it is important for students to develop abilities with humanities.

Here is a program that you can join to develop in the field. Humanities 360˚ is an online service that is associated with humanity arts. All people can easily do it. The name 'Humanities 360˚' means the training power of looking at worldly things in 360 degrees. Humanities 360˚ gives important to providing various information related to liberal arts columns and humanities activities. This online service has several corners. The first corner, 'Life+' provides videos of liberal arts concerts with a society personage. And '8˚' announces reporters' is a travel journal about humanity activities by official reporters of Humanities 360˚. The program is recruiting official reporters. The dates for accepting applications are from 2017. 3. 31 to 2017. 4. 20. Official reporters should play an important role by covering humanities and sharing their reports. Reporters will be active in the region where they reside. The period of work is about 5 months. And If you are active as an official reporter, you will be paid for coverage activities, and a certificate of activity.

A mock cabinet conference contest of Korea’s unification

The necessity of unification has declined in society’s perspective, although schools educate about unity. This is because division on the peninsula is growing longer longer. Thus, the Ministry of Unification established Education Week and to educate students about unification through participation education and field trips. Here is the program that university students can attend. This program is a mock cabinet conference of Korea’s unification. The contest is supported by the Ministry of Unification and is planned on May 5th. This program is a Leader training program for the future. The contest will be to discuss the social changes and situation of the northeast after the unity of Korea. This program aims to expand the attention about the meaning of the unification of Korea. This subject is about what will happen short term in the event of unification regarding politics, economy and society. Contestants should attend the conference demonstrating the process of establishing policy regarding social well-being after unification. Application dates for participation are from 2017. 3. 27 to 2017. 5. 15. The contest is open to everyone and there is no entry fee. (It doesn't provide transportation expenses and lodging charges.) The team must include 6~15 team members. The Ministry of Unification said, "As we discuss the unification of Korea, we can expect possible problems of unification. So everyone who participates in the contest will have an enjoyable time.

▲A mock Cabinet conference contest of Korea unification

Electron contest exhibit from Daewoo Electronics

The electron industry was a front runner of the third Industrial Revolution in Korea. But there are warning signs for the industry. The Fourth Industrial Revolution became a center of AI, robot life sciences and data communication technology. Domestic household electrical appliances stay still, only adding smart skills to home appliances. So, we should challenge that we graft technology of other departments’ abilities to home appliances though 'Smart Connectivity'. There is the first step of these challenges. The Global Electron contest is an exhibit from Daewoo Electronics.

Mr. Choi, representative director in Daewoo Electronics said, "Innovative ideas making new value of many goods and services are very significant. This part is the most suitable for university students because they don’t have any prejudice." The Global Electron contest exhibit provides a chance to gather technology ideas for designs and smart appliances. The contest exhibit will begin reception from May 1st. The subject of the contest exhibit is "Developing practical ideas about home appliances for a bountiful life". Additionally, the contest will provide a chance for ideas to be used in the industry field.

Last year a lot of people participated in this contest because prize winners were given an opportunity to do CES study abroad.

▲Prize winners

by Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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