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Trace the footsteps of the history of The Campus News29th anniversary special issue

Short History of The Campus Journal
1988. 4. 7. The Pongrim Mirror began its publication in April, 1988. It was published bimonthly at first.
1996. 3. Changed to Changwon University Quarterly.'
2000. 4. Changed to The Campus Journal (No. 61-100)
2007. 6. 4. Started to be printed together with Changwon National University Newspaper (No. 101)
2016 3.2 Changed from tabloid to Berliner. Separated from Changwon National University Newspaper (No. 217)

The Campus Journal has already celebrated its 29th anniversary this year. The CWNU English Newspaper has grown and developed in the background of nearly 30 years of history. What was the driving force behind the 30-year existence of the CWNU English newspaper? What made people start making English newspapers at CWNU? How has it changed? We would like to trace the footsteps of the history to celebrate its 29th anniversary.

The Pongrim Mirror
The Campus Journal began with The Pongrim Mirror . It was first issued in 1988. It has been growing for a long time with the development of Changwon National University. Its first issue began with the greetings of President, Dr. Park Dong-wha with the view of Changwon National University in 1988.
“A good beginning is a job half done.”
“The reporters and other writers can exercise their English writing skills, while other students will have the opportunity to read of current campus events and to think in a foreign language. …But this newspaper will not only help our students expand their English skills. When it is impossible for professors and students to travel to other English-speaking universities throughout the world, the Pongrim Mirror will travel for us. It will be our spokesman, Through our new newspaper we will be able to show and tell the rest of the world who we are and what we are capable of doing.”
When it was not possible to visit overseas and study abroad in the 1980s, CWNU English newspaper acted as a diplomat that showed and told of a larger world. It connected the global world with local students.
The greeting of Dr. Park Dong-wha, who wished to spread the experience through the English newspaper so that local students could spread out their will to the bigger world, created a sensation among young students. The power that the English newspaper could keep for 30 years without closing is because of the school and the students who tried to make good content for the students with one aim. The first issue was finished with this poetry that brings out the bright power.

Poem for the Beginning
Your beginning is a fluttering flag
Even though tiny and poor
But with an earnest mission and youth.
Your beginning is a delight,
A rising delight with meaning
Your beginning is a future_
A valiant, enormous, powerful character.

After a storm passes the plain,
Rising like a strong life_
Must be raised,
Must be raised,
And on your heart engrave
Rightness and honor,
Dignity and pride_
The meaning of power.

Along comes hope to this earth
Nicely spreading like a branch of spirit,
In this mountain and field.
Along to clean wisdom in this earth
Nicely spreading like the root of tradition.
Don’t break off
But always grow
As the constancy of a bamboo thicket.

The beginning of a new change in 2000, a color newspaper

In April of 2000, the CWNU English newspaper changed its name to The Campus Journal, which is now a well known and produced color newspaper. Color newspapers require a lot of work, especially on editing and organizing content.

After changing into a color newspaper, senior reporters put so much work into photo selection, editing and distribution of newspapers. In addition to this, the number of pages increased to 8. New pages were set up with various contents such as Campus News, Reportage, International, Culture, Survey, Out of Korea, Essay, Rival Opinion and Future stories. One of the most distinctive features of this period was that the students shared a lot of information about travel experiences, volunteering abroad and stories of international exchange students by interviewing or essay. In addition, there were articles that introduced online foreign exchange sites for students who cannot visit overseas. At the same time, they did not miss to include Korea's culture and unique traditions, food, clothes, and history etc. They knew that it’s very important to everybody to understand their own country well before going overseas!

Another feature of the color newspaper was that it has improved the subscriber rate by putting Puzzle and Wisdom for Living section. Everybody can enjoy it, whether they are good at English or not. PUZZLE was made up of vocabulary of newspapers and it increased subscribers’ vocabulary. The Wisdom for Living section gave tips to help people live better. Here are some of them.

Sing a song: About 10% of alcohol in the bloodstream exits the body through respiratory organs. Talking, singing and, deep breathing are a great help in the prevention of drunkenness.
Burnt onion: When drinking, a burnt onion helps you not get drunk.
A sober drinking water: Aspar, Condition, Vision, Business, Yeo-myeong 808, etc. These are beverages to help you stay sober. Theses really work. When you drink these beverages, you should drink them 30 minutes before having any alcohol. It is the most efficient way.

Sarah Park  starcity2015@changwon.ac.kr

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