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Special stages for you
  • by Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.10 00:20
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Do you know a cheerful man who makes wider stages for all the citizens? The stage that can enjoy cultural life! Maybe you think the culture is watching a movie or reading a book. However, this man is preparing some special things to escape general forms. We were wondering about it, so The Campus Journal met him.

Q. Nice to meet you. Tell us about yourself, please.

Yeo. Hello, I’m Yeo Dong Gun and I’m 25 years old. I’m conducting a recreation, festival, laughter therapy and leadership lecture on a national scale. Moreover, I’m working on projects of culture, establishing a culture company ‘Schön’ in Changwon.

Q. The words ‘culture company’ and ‘projects of cultures’ are unfamiliar to me. Could you give us more details about your job in Changwon?

Yeo. Changwon is big city in this province, but it lacks cultural spaces. In Changwon, there are few games that can take place on the street or in parks like the ‘Han River Spacing Out contest’ in Seoul. In addition, there are few lectures for adolescents that console and encourage them. I wanted to make cultural activities for citizens who have less opportunities to enjoy various cultures. So I established the culture company, ‘Schön’. ‘Schön’ is a German word which means ‘cheerful, gorgeous, beautiful, pretty’. It is a word of my heart, ‘Make people cheerful and become a nice man!’

Q. It has such a great meaning! Please tell us about your activities in ‘Schön’.

Yeo. First of all, there is the ‘Dream-Hi’ project which gives comfort, support and offers an ear for worries for high school students. Next was a mission play, ‘Escape from strange state of Sireo queen’ happening in the local art gallery this summer. It was a mission to find a password and escape safely from a hypocritical state at the appointed time that a rabbit told. There’s also ‘WoorakBoorak’ camp in Changnyeong. This camp is for children who were in the low-income bracket. Moreover, it made their paradises in various ways with artists. I was invited to this camp in the capacity of an artist. We had fun drawing our world using chalk and went travelling to find lightning bugs. It was really happy because of children’s pure childlike state. Lastly, there was a play named ‘Would you play with brother?’ Nowadays, young students don’t go out to play because of private education and smartphones. For this reason, I wanted to teach them ways of playing entertainingly without phones. I performed the plays using environmental-friendly things that can be recycled. I performed this in front of a department store, preparing simple and various activities like knocking over a plastic bottle with a water gun, rolling a ball with a hanger, and overturning colorful round boxes, etc. The most memorable moment was making this booth at Yongji park on Children’s day. Many parents told me that my booth is more useful and creative than all the others.

Q. It would be really fun. What is a value or goal that you pursue?

Yeo. As I mentioned before, I want to work pleasantly and become a pleasant man. Communication is one more value that I pursue. I think true communication is approaching life with a friendly with sincere mind and empathizing with each other. So I change myself like a village brother to someone younger than me, a close friend in his 20s, a reliable son to adults and cute a grandson to old men for comfortable communication with them. I like when they say, “I want you to be my son/grandson.” Because it is evidence that communication is warm. My ultimate goals are to get recognized and loved by all people. Maybe it will take a lot of time, but I’ll continue because of my goals and values in my mind.

Q. Finally, Do you have any comments to the readers?

Yeo. Some people ignore me because of my age. However, I never get discouraged because this work is what I want to do. These days, several places call me to work with them. At a time like this, I’m so proud of myself that I’ve endured even bad words. In addition, I can have more confidence. Everyone, let’s try something many times like I have and grow gradually. Don’t give up because of other’s attention. Live confidently and pleasantly like the meaning of ‘Schön’!

by Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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