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A look at the Syrian Civil War with two different views
  • By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.08 17:47
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Syria has a management structure in which Shia’s President Assad monopolizes state control. A minority of the nation are Shia. On the contrary, most of the nation are Sunni and are dissatisfied about Shia’s long-term monopoly and concentration of power. In March 2011, about 15 students wrote a slogan on the wall in Syria Deraa about a wave of Middle Eastern democracy movement. The slogan was related with the movement, the Jasmine Revolution. After that, the students were arrested and Derra citizens demanded their release. Furthermore, they demanded democracy and freedom. The protest progressed moderately and they didn’t demanded the resignation of President Assad. Nevertheless, the government reacted with strong confrontation. Citizens revolted over the government’s act and the protests became more frequent and bigger. The government resorted to firearms, shooting citizens directly and mobilizing tanks, etc. Since then, protests in Syria have changed to anti-government movements. They want an end of the Assad family dictatorship. When Shia country, Iran supported the government and Sunni country, Saudi Arabia opposed the government, the Syrian Civil War was intensified. Moreover, the extreme Sunni terrorist group, IS broke into civil war, and the situation became worse. For this, Syria has suffered a civil war for five years.

The Syrian war has two kinds of views. One side says, “We progress the war aggressively even if many innocent civilians die.” The other side says, “We negotiated with others by peaceful means.” They are both concerned about the end of the Syrian Civil War. But their positions are different on how to make peace.

The first view’s position is this: “We need aggressive action to solve Syria’s civil problem as soon as possible. It has caused a big problem for Syria and international society for a long time. Even though civilians suffer great damage now, when the war ends, it will give them peace and many benefits. Also there are a lot of controversies about the use of chemical weapons, but for this we can end war as soon as possible. It can show them that we have a firm will, too. Furthermore, many countries come forward to support the war, especially Russia who agreed with Syria’s aggressive war. Russia supported Syria by arming the government’s army and military to help fight with internal terrorists because Syria’s government requested it officially. But America wants the president’s retirement, so they supported Syria’s anti-government forces. By this, the Syrian Civil War became a world problem and the world supported an aggressive war.” But a lot of people worry about their method.

On the contrary, the second view’s position is this: “A lot of civilians are afraid and feel uneasy because they don’t know when they will be shot to death. Every day they have an uneasy day. About 300 innocent civilians die each day by war. In addition, there are a lot of refugees. But Syria doesn’t have space or relief goods to hold refugees. There are many people who die of hunger. So refugees moved to other countries to avoid war and do work. It became a significant world problem. People who did not register as refugees filled the Europe border. European society is busy from this problem because they received too many refugees. The Syrian government and anti-government have to prepare measures to protect civilians. They have to know that civilians are more important than war. If the war brings peace, only a few people can enjoy that. Also, the use of chemical weapons makes many problems. When they use them indiscriminately, it affects other countries and becomes a world problem. Furthermore, as the aggressive war continues, most of Syrian regions will be horrible. A lot of money is needed to repair regions to their previous form which is hard. It will make life difficult for civilians.”

Among these views of conflict, Syria has a war even now. But these two positions’ common ground is that civil war gives them huge damage. Therefore, the Syrian Civil War has to end and calm controversy as soon as possible.

By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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