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Villain’s war in the madhouse Asula
  • By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.10.11 16:23
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The movie Asula means mankind between the world of beasts and the human world. The World of Asula is a place of fighting and quarrelling. It is a new movie by director Kim Sung-Sub after the movie Gamgi.

Han Do-Kyung (Jung Wo-Sung) is a homicide detective. He receives some money by vice mayor, Park Sung-Bae (Hwang Jung-Min). Because he treats the aftermath of Park Sung-Bae (Hwang Jung-Min) who commits various crimes for rights and success. When he is continuously expose to evil, Han Do-Kyung enters the road of a villain who does everything when his work is easy to make money. For the hospital bills of his wife who is a terminal cancer patient. A tough prosecutor, Kim Cha-In (Kwak Do-Won) who has Han’s weak point and Do Chang-Hak (Jung Man-Sik) wants to go on a fishing expedition, Park’s criminal charges by threatening and using Han. Prosecution and Park chock Han. Meanwhile, Han who becomes an eye of a typhoon lets in his junior detective Mun Sun-Mo (Ju Ji-Hun) who follows under Han like his older brother. When Asula was pre-released, it received an amazing expectation of many people because of the casting of fantastic actors.

So Asula received amazing attention, reservation rate was more than 70 percent since the first day of its release, despite the fact that it is an adult movie. In the intro, Asula engulf people into the movie with actors’ fantastic acting ability which shows people’s latent violent nature plainly. “Asula’s characters are villains without omission. For surviving in an evil world like one these days, we must be a villain. But being a villain is not an easy thing. This movie shows a ‘blood red battlefield’ alluding to an unsympathetic world,’” said Kim Sung-Su,the movie director. Asula shows mutual betrayal and loyalty resolutely. Use power, use other people, hold a sword overhead, murder, harass, it can happen somewhere. If you want to see an actor’s different image, I recommend you see this movie, Asula.

By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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