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Welcome back to school
  • Luke Hanson, reviser
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It’s time for another semester here at Changwon National University and a fresh new start. Welcome back students, faculty, staff, and readers of this journal! As English editor and writer for the school’s newspaper, I want to wish everyone a prosperous and memorable semester by offering some advice and inspiration in this first article of Fall 2016.

We can see all around us in the world disappointing and discouraging news and information. From terror, to corruption, to unhumanitarian actions by leaders and citizens throughout the world, the global society may seem like a dark place. But it isn’t! The world is bright and full of hope because as a human race we are making amazing progress in our time. The fact that we feel that not enough is being done by world leaders and the general public as a whole means that our standards of expectation are constantly getting higher. Today people around the world are healthier, freer, and more prosperous than ever before. We have successfully abolished old systems and ways of life that were inhumane and destructive to the advancement of the human race. Our criticism of the world today being bleak is a symptom of that progress making us realize that we still need to do so much more. Education and the sharing of knowledge is the biggest reason for these advancements, so to all of you I say congratulations and thank you for working so hard to be a major part of the progress still to come.

A major way that we can continuously ensure the forward progress of humanity, rather than backtracking back to our darker past, is to openly share what we know and learn with everyone. Take care of each other, whether it’s our neighbor, family, and friend, or a stranger, enemy, or alien. Take into consideration all proposed opinions regarding life and our planet and work together to come to democratic decisions about how we continue to coexist together on Earth. Korea and many countries realized long ago that English was one major way for these collaborative advancements. Feel proud that you are in a community that thinks positively about the future and opens its arms to embrace what the global society has to offer and continue to develop yourself in this mission to make global culture more prevalent.

I hope that you will develop your English skills every day. Read this bi-weekly newspaper, read other English news sources, and read books. Reading will develop your vocabulary and understanding of the language without you having to use much effort. Finding things to read at your appropriate reading level is a stress-free way to become better at English. Download some news apps on your phone so you can see what’s going on in the world while learning English at the same time. While you're at it, download an English dictionary app like Merriam-Webster which you can use to look up new words.

Good luck and be prosperous!

Luke Hanson, reviser  lukejhanson@gmail.com

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