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The Culture of Heavy Drinking at University
  • Park Seung-Ho, Kim Hyung-Joo
  • 승인 2010.03.15 22:14
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Park Seung-Ho
Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Eng

I am friendly to drinking culture in university students. Nowdays, it is the new semester of university.
There are lots of drinking parties in department events, orientation, and freshmen camping. Some people say drinking culture in university students has problems.

Drinking is unhealthy for you. In addition, many senior students press a drink on freshmen. I want to respect their opinion, too.
But this issue is a difference in values.
Drinking has positive function. Drinking helps loosen up the tense atmosphere of the place quite a bit.

Many students enjoy recreation games with alcohol in drinking parties. Few days ago, I participated in Club Tour by Club Alliance.
At first, many freshmen felt shame. After elder students and freshmen drunk alcohol naturally, they became very close.
Even though only a few students did not like alcohol, they enjoyed the atmosphere of drinking party. Lee Tae-Dong(Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Eng. 06) said "As a senior, it is difficulty in getting close with freshmen. Without alcohol, it will take too much time.
Though drinking has bad effects, I must admit it is very helpful for personal relationship."

A few years ago, there were death accidents in drinking parties. At that time, most freshmen had to drink alcohol under senior's coercion. But nowdays, no one compel a person to drink alcohol. I also don't want to impose alcohol on anyone.
I think that drinking culture in university students is a necessary evil. It has positive and negative effects simultaneously.
Even though drinking has side effects, there is no better alternative to replace alcohol. We can develop drinking culture by ourselves.

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Kim Hyung-Joon
Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Eng

Most freshmen in University, they have studied until to enter the university .
It was very stressful because there is one chance for the exam. So most students have fantasy about a university and then they remind what they will do something after enter the University by themselves.

In Korea, under the nineteen, they cannot drink alcohol. I think that is reason Korean has fantasy about Drinking.
I want to discuss about drinking culture in a University by this short article with who just enter the university.
When freshmen pass the examination , the department has a orientation they called ‘Satter’.
That is kind of meeting, it purpose is to know each other. But these meetings have problems.

First, It is losing purpose. They spend a time not for know each other but drinking alcohol. It like when the brood are out hatched, first saw the red boots.(they cannot recognize their mom so they follow what they first saw).

Second, The university is not place to drink but study about what you want it. Of cause sometimes, drinking is helpful to break the ice.
But just return to 3 years ago, when you freshman in the high school . You meet the new friends.
Then do you go to the pub for break the ice? No way. But most this high school friend more friendly than new friends in University.
That is what I want say. There are other ways to break the ice and then I believe you can find the way if you try.

Third problem is they do not have self-control when they are drinking. They cannot stop to drink by themselves.
Because, There are not parents who control you. When You were high school student, they controlled you as a car, but now you are a bird.
But, The train is free when it runs on the rail.

I want you to enjoy in Uni-life but have self-control do not forget who you are and what you do in the University. At last, We should try to figure out right culture about drinking

Park Seung-Ho, Kim Hyung-Joo  -

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