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Should We continue Our Efforts to develop NARO?
  • Park Cho-Hee, Kim In-Min
  • 승인 2009.09.14 22:02
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1) agree

by Park Cho-Hee
Dept. of economic

All the while we should buy the rocket from other countries with developing technic to launch an rocket into space. The other countries without the space center as well as Korea also must select the way like us and that mean spending of enormous money.

Now, 12 countries hold the space center like as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the France, the Rusia, the State of Israel, the India, the China and Japan in the whole world. Now, we also became the 13th country as holding own space center. Soon, we can shoot launch a satellite up by oneself and we can make a rocker and can shoot the rocket into space for ourselves. The most important priority task is in first rocket technic, however, it is a imports from Russia.

To make successfully NARO, engine is core technology. This time in the process of development of NARO, Korea can not get any engine technic. Although we invest to develop of first rocket technic about 2500 billion over 5000 billion, our lever of technic is still very low. It does not show a trace of development from now on.

However, the develop of the space projectile is the dynamic force to grown-up in the future.

Also it is a field to be expected a great synergy effect because it is possible to make a large of job creation.

In the this charming industry, the most important thing is only powerful engine, but if we can get them from other countries, the solution is an independant development.

Although it will take a lot of money and time, we have to feel at ease and be firmly resolved.

NARO, a scientific technique satellite second as small satellite of satelloid to be expected to launch loading at space projectile, have a duty to measure an exact orbit of satellite.
If NARO enter into orbit, we will get the economic effective about maximum range of two thousand billion and 4000 hundred million.

According to the report from the Korea Industry Institute, it will be expected effects like increase of export the one thousand billion and 3000 hundred profits and effects like induction to produce two thousand billion and 4000 hundred profits. This total benefits is impossible to easily imagine. When weput various informations together, it must be need second development of NARO.

2) disagree

by Kim In-Min
Dept. of electronics engineering

There are much to be said about the exploitation and the launch of first Korea Space Launch Vehicle-I, NARO. First, many people said that why did we select Russia as our parter and although the development of engine of an powerful propulsive force which is the core of the universe projectile is a difficult task, why did we just assemble parts into a complete whole with giving them money to other country. Now we must do oneself development, but our developer and government are circumventing the real issues. At the beginning, when the government conclude an development agreement with Russia, we are supposed to get whole in first rocket technic. After this we conclude a TSA treaty banning about transfer of technic with Russia, as their demand in 2006. Our developer couldn’t take part in development field of Russia as well as we couldn’t even see inner inner structure of rocket.

The specialists hold views on these matters like that there are maybe pressure from U.S. to oppose for transfer of technic into Korea. Although we spend enormous money to develop the NARO, we couldn’t make successfully the development as we had confusion between US and Russia. If we can’t success because of the pressure from other country, this would be better that we invest to develop our one an artificial satellite. You never know, satellite is better than rocket in the respect if we can make better the satellite than other country, we would make benefits of ridiculously high price. So I disagree with development the NARO, go as far as spending huge sums of money.

Park Cho-Hee, Kim In-Min  -

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