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Making the artificial turf grounds is good?
  • Lee Tae-dong, Kim Joon-Hee
  • 승인 2010.04.26 09:26
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1) agree

by Lee Tae-dong
Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Eng.

Since last year, our university has been pushing ahead with artificial turf ground. However, due to lack of funds, the university is having a hard time pushing ahead with its business. University pursues the build-transfer-lease program with private capital.

I agree with equipping artificial turf ground. Some people say equipping artificial turf ground has a problem. If the ground is changed to artificial turf ground, students and users should pay rental fees at night and weekend. They insist that the ground cannot be used for commercial purpose. But this issue shows a difference in values. However, I agree with artificial turf stadium. Nowdays, our university has poor ground condition. When it is very windy, stadium raises a cloud of dust.

In addition, we have a main stadium, Reserve Officers Training Corps(ROTC) stadium, and three basketball courts. After the change, additionally we will have two futsal courts, a basketball court, a badminton court, a gate ball court, a ssireum(Korean wrestling), and a standing jump site. Some people request that the school construct artificial turf ground with its own budget, but it costs much money.

Many universities are pushing ahead with artificial turf ground. Through the build-transfer-lease program, they save charges for installation and maintenance expenses. The construction of the artificial turf ground contributes to the improvement in school evaluation. In addition, some students hurt their knees and elbows playing soccer and worry about burns. However, artificial turf is non-toxic and does not cause burns during falls.

After the change, users should pay rental fees. But the artificial turf will improve the quality of exercise. Through build-transfer-lease program, school can save money and students can exercise in good condition.

2) disagree

by Kim Joon-Hee
Dept. of Chemical & System Eng.

I disagree with the artificial turf for CWNU stadium. This is an important metter. So it is already embroiled in controversy among students.

Artificial turf is one of landscape architecture material which is an artificially created the grass. It have used since 1956 mainly at sports stadium. It is useful at the place which wasn't able to growth and development like a multistory building that the duration of sunshine is limited. These days, we can find wherever we go. In addition, the range of the artificial turf is expending. It has many advantage.

Firtst, it can be used in all seasons and weather. Second, it does not need to get professional skill. It also dosen't need expensive control equipments. Third, We can maintain the surface of the grass with uniformity. There are many advantage. This product can be used semipermanently. Because it is evergreen, it is good to sight. It show more decided superiority than rubber grass. The synthetic turf will be made of harmless materials and will not cause burns occurring during falls, while being cost effective and easy to maintain, government officials touted. Like this, as using the arrificial turf, we can feel at ease and have our mind at rest but there are serious problem that it is non-green.

Although it has so many advantages, I don't want this. It also has more disadvantage than we expect. First, the artificial turf is not environmental values. It has more closely linked with our environmane. And it also has both strengths and weaknesses at the same time. Followings is the demerits of this. First it need many money than we think. It is difficult for people to maintain the artificial turf.

Because the stuff of arificial turt is artificially created, it is hard for us to expect this to be environmental effect. There are high chances of injury like having a scratch on the leg, burn, fracture of the leg. In summer, it can cause the increase of surface temperature steadily or heat island. Also, thanks to this, we can't get a sense of the season.

The feel of arrificial turf is bad relatively. The color of this also can be bleached as time passed. The most serious problem is that it has Health and safety concerns like toxic substance, heavy metal and carcinogen. Besides, rubber material for the cushion role to lessen the impact has a lots of harmful suvstance.

Lee Tae-dong, Kim Joon-Hee  -

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