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Super Blockbuster Film, Iron Man IIMovie

A Hollywood super hero genre Iron Man II that was released on April 29 in Korea has exceeded one million viewers in three days. Iron Man II is a sequel to Iron Man that was released on 2008 summer and made a big hit attracting over 4.3million viewers.

Iron Man focuses on the process of the Iron Man character Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) being reborn as a super hero, highlighting high-tech suit and actions. However, Iron Man II shows full-scale actions of Iron Man’s fighting against the strongest enemy and Iron Man’s (Tony Stark) anguish and love.

After identifying himself as an Iron Man, Tony Stark enjoyed as much popularity as Hollywood stars. He extradited Pepper Potts Prison industry to a senior secretary of the company so that he could spend a pleasant day enjoying himself. Then one of the greatest crises comes to him. ‘Whiplash’ full of hostility toward ‘Stark’ family become successful in developing Atom ARC that is a Core technology of Iron Man suit.

When Tony Stark exhibited F-1 Grand Prix, Whiplash threateningly attacked unprotected Tony Stark. In this situation, Tony Stark uses newly developed upgraded Iron Man suit, and narrowly escapes the crisis. However, from this incident, Whiplash contracts with Justin Hammer who is a rival of Tony Stark. So Whiplash begins to attack the Iron Man. In response to it, Tony Stark produced a new high-tech suit for an old friend, James Load. Powerful enemies fight with James Load born again as a ‘War Machine.’

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