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Pacom Korea: Inheriting a tradition of ‘Jikji’

Most People think that publishers make books alone. However, when books are made, publishers just help make the first draft of books, pay the expense, and the print shops produce the books. The printer’s role is as important as the publisher’s. Then, what print shop is there in this country? I am going to introduce Pacom Korea, the No.1 printed materials exporters in the country.

About Pacom Korea

Pacom Korea is a global integrated printing company with an artisan spirit, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-level skills. Its main jobs are planning, consulting, designing, bookbinding, packaging, shipping and printing. The head office is Bundang-gu in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Also, exports of the total sales account for 70 percent. Pacom is a flexible company that every employee’s idea can be reflected in the business regardless of rank, if it is a good one.

Main products and new employee’s annual salary

Pacom’s main clients are major multinational companies and it produced a Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon’s bromide paper and calendar, Louis Vuitton’s magazine, MAGNUM magazine, popular with photo, and fairy tale books. A new employee’s annual salary is about 30 million won and production staff gets paid the mid-20 millions. It is not that low among small hidden champions.

The right people for the company and the recruitment

Pacom wants talented people who can make the workplace bright, try to be competitive with a purpose, and have a defiant stand. It wants patient employees who have a passion for the company, and can work for a long time. It recruits for office jobs and domestic sales work in the beginning of the year and production work frequently as needed.

The benefits and working conditions

Pacom provides the staff loans, the part settlement system, sports facilities, the four major insurances, an athletic meeting, an annual picnic, and a refectory to all the staff. Work begins at eight and finishes at five thirty. Age groups consist of 20s of 15%, 30s of 20%, 40s of 50%, and 50s of 15%. Employees are able to improve individual abilities because they are allowed to participate in all printing processes from A to Z.

Corporation goals

Koreans are often under the impression that publishers are much bigger than printing companies. Pacom is trying to raise people’s awareness about the printing business, and let them have the idea that Pacom is the company to work for with self-esteem. Also, it aims to break new ground in the future printing industry with creativity and innovation and grow into a company which can contribute to human cultures.

Seong Jae-ho  -

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