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The ABM GREENTECH, a Company Making Social Happiness

Most graduate students prefer big companies in order to reach their goals fast. However, in small and medium-sized businesses, employees can gradually develop their ability through gaining various experiences. Today, let me introduce The ABM GREENTECH Co., Ltd. which was selected ‘Great company to work’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for three years in a row.

About The ABM Greentech

The ABM Greentech was founded in June 1992 and the head office is located at unit 2002, Centum jungang-ro 48, Haeundae-gu, Busan. It also has branches in Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju and Gangwon-do. Its main field is making and constructing arch panels. An arch panel is a roof in auditoriums and gymnasiums, where there is no pillar. Recently, The ABM Greentech has been Korea’s leading company of solar energy generation which is related to eco-friendly energy supply system.

The corporate philosophy and aims

While making a profit is the most important goal in ordinary companies, the ABM Greentech's mission is “to be a company making social happiness by contribution and volunteering”. Also, with creative thinking and an experimenting spirit, it tries to develop products that meet the customers’ needs and do environment-friendly business at the same time. The current goal is to achieve 110 billion won in sales by 2017 and to be listed on KOSDAQ.

The ABM Greentech's strong point

It’s unusual for small and medium-sized business to have their own technical research institutes. However, the ABM Greentech has one in Miryang. Through high technical development there, it was ranked No.1 in arch panel construction. Besides, having two new technologies, one green technology, forty-six patent registrations, and being selected the excellent product by Procurement agency let the company get recognition from society at all levels.

The working conditions and company benefits

The new employees will get an average annual salary of 21~22 million won or more, and as the service period increases, the annual wage will gradually go up. The four major insurances, bonus and retirement pension is basically paid and performance-related pay is also given in order to set meritocracy culture. One unique system is a filial piety allowance which is paid every month. Its purpose is to thank the employees’ parents for raising good children. Through this, we can see that ABM Greentech has a familiar atmosphere and each employee is considered very important.

In conclusion, with its funding power and high technical skills, the ABM Greentech is more than just a small business. It has endless possibilities and amazing power of growth. If you have any questions or need more information, contact the ABM Greentech at 051-759-8632 or visit http://www.abmarch.co.kr.

(This content is written based on Ministry of Employment and Labor data with the consent of the ABM Greentech.)

by Lee Ha-eun, cub-reporter

Lee Ha-eun  lovehaeun0126@gmail.com

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