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Dramatic Development of Changwon national industrial complex and CWNU

This year was the 40th anniversary of the national industrial complex in Changwon. The celebration was held on 1st April in CECO. The National industrial complex is the area where there are industrial companies and factories. In the 1970’s the Government created the Changwon national industrial complex as a kind of policy changing from light industry to heavy chemical industry. The industrial complex is specially focused on the mechanical industry.

Before creating the industrial complex in Changwon, nobody thought that Changwon had the endless possibility that it does. Foreign corporations didn’t want to invest in Changwon. They thought of Changwon as a wasteland. Korea was really poor and Changwon was just a part of a poor Korea. However, with the dramatic economic growth of Korea, the national industrial complex got popular not only in Korea but also in the world. The farms were turned into factories and the highway was also constructed. The industial complex has 44 factories. It made many experts in the world surprised and interested in Changwon. They wanted to help and invest in the complex. Changwon did, in 10 years, what the UK or other countries did in 100 years. It was surprising and showed the potential possibilities of Changwon to the world.

The industrial complex started with 24 companies and they didn’t import or export but, according research, last year there were 2390 companies and the annual turnover for the complex is 50 trillion won with the amount of exports totaling 200 hundred million dollars.

The core businesses of the industrial complex are machine tools, high-speed trains, appliances, automobile parts and nuclear energy facilities. More than 40 major Korean companies are in Changwon and 25 companies of their head offices are based on Changwon such as Samsung techwin and Hyundai Wia.

The industrial complex is aging so Changwon authorities decided to rebuild all the facilities of the industrial complex. It will be reformed with the wholehearted support of Changwon city. Changwon authorities plan to develop the complex to be the favorite place for young talented applicant to apply. If the plan is successful, it will be a good chance for Changwon to develop again like the past 40 years. Not only Korea but also the world would welcome it.

With huge expectations the industrial complex is still growing globally and CWNU is also growing with it. CWNU is the main university that has a close academic-industrial relationship. CWNU provides on-site practical education through cooperating with the industry and puts its capability to increase unification between CWNU and the companies of Changwon such as managing corporation welfare center and work experience center. There are more plans for CWNU to develop.

Every year there are developments at the industrial complex which is good news for Changwon and there is even the rebuilding of the complex which has helped Changwon become a major industrial base for Korea and CWNU also can grow as a major university with Changwon.

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