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Maintaining Cars During the Season Change

Vehicles need to be taken care of during the season change because seasonal changes can be hard on the car. Lets find out what we should pay attention to and check when fall turns into winter.
Check the fluids
Vehicle use increases in winter due to cold weather. Fluids might go bad during the hot summer. Therefore, you need to check the engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid before winter. Also, check the radiator and windshield wiper fluids.

1. Engine oil
Engine oil lubricates an engine’s innards. It has a tremendous impact on the performance and fuel efficiency of a car. Checking the engine oil is easy to do for novices. First, turn off the engine and wait 20 minutes. If you check the oil as soon as you turn off the engine, the oil gage will be inaccurate. Second, pull out the dipstick, and wipe it with a clean cloth. Put the dipstick in and pull it out again. If the oil is black, you need to change it. The oil should be pale yellow and clear. If the oil reads full, it is normal. If not, you should add more.
2. Transmission oil
Transmission oil should be changed regularly. Transmission oil is red and clear. You should drive for about 10 minutes and leave the engine on. After applying the hand brake and putting the gear in neutral or parking, you can check the oil. The dipstick has not only full and low sign but also a hot and cold sign. H is normal.
3. Power steering and brake fluids
Braking and steering systems are directly connected to a driver’s safety. So pay close attention to power steering and break fluids. If the power steering fluid isn’t changed, handling will be not smooth. Without brake fluid, the brakes will not operate. Checking and changing power steering and brake fluids may be difficult and require professional help at a repair shop.
Preventing a dead battery
Battery use increases in winter due to the heater. Accordingly, you need to check the battery in advance. A simple cleaning can lengthen the life of a battery. First, wipe the battery body with a cloth. Then, brush the terminals. If a terminal is loose, tighten the bolt.
Making a comfortable indoor environment
Dust in a car threatens our health. Polluted air can cause headaches and queasiness. Sweep the inside, and change the heater filter. This is very easy, and can be done alone.

Checking the tires
The tires are important for safety. But, many novices overlook and neglect management of the tires. Don’t forget to manage the tires because neglected tires can cause a nasty accident. To check the tires, find the triangle or arrow on the side of the tire, and check the treads where the triangle or arrow points to. You can detect the wear and see where the tread has worn down here. If the line is the same level as the tread, you should change the tire. Also, if you see cracks on the tire, you should change it, even though the treads are unworn. If you change the tires, you should get a wheel alignment. In addition, you need to check the tire pressure. If the tire pressure is low in winter, the tire can be punctured by high speed travel.

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