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Pimples: Where do they come from?
Many people are stressed out because of pimples. When you are teenager, you have pimples due to hormones. But many 20~30somethings have trouble with adult pimples. So let’s talk about why pimples arise and how they can be treated.
First, there are both internal and external causes. Internal causes include stress, menstruation, overeating, and indigestion. External causes can include sunlight, friction, or virus.
1. Stress
Stress is the cause of all kinds of illnesses. It causes not only each disease but skin trouble. Pimples by stress are an effect of hormones. To release stress, a body secretes two hormones. These are the Cortisol and Androgen hormones. Androgen hormone is weaker for females as it is a male hormone. It is linked to the growth of inflammatory pimples.
2. Menstruation
Menstruation is related to female hormones. Two weeks prior to a female’s menstruation, her progesterone hormone increases. This stimulates the sebaceous glands and activates sebum secretion. Pimples can be worse for women having irregular menstruation and experiencing menstrual pain. But after menstruation cases, the progesterone hormone returns to normal and pimples disappear.
3. Overeating and Indigestion
Overeating and indigestion can cause pimples by the weakening of internal function. The stomach finds it hard to digest with overeating. Overeating habits and constipation cause a higher heat on the skin. This increases sebum formation and the dead skin cell of pores, which cause pimples.
4. Sunshine and Heat
If the skin experiences continuous stimulation by sunshine, excessive dead skin cells appear. Sunshine causes about 6 times of excessive skin conditions. Pores are blocked and pimples are born. Similar to the case of sunshine, other forms of heat can be a cause. Pimples are caused because of the swelling and blocked pores.
5. Friction
Many people touch their own faces. This habit is another contributor to the eruption of pimples because the stimulation of friction causes an infection of the skin cells. In severe cases, this is called purulence pimples.
6. Virus
Pimples are a symptom of illness by blocked pores or sebum. But the cause of purulence pimples is dermatitis and demodicosis. In low level immunity cases, these viruses can come. Dermatitis by contact with the outside and long-term seborrheic dermatitis can cause purulence pimples. Demodicosis is a worm living in the pores. If they are high in prevalance and create folliculitis, pimples are caused on the skin.
As we can see, there are various causes of pimples. There are also many ways for how pimples can be treated and prevented. For prevention first, stress, smoking, and drinking should be avoided or minimized. Second, avoid strong or frequent washing up and engaging in behavior serving friction (touching the face, rubbing the skin). Generally we squeeze pimples with our hands, but in fact it doesn’t make them go away. Rather, this causes infection and scarring. Changing eating habits can better prevent pimples. It is helpful to eat lots of vegetables.
Thus, pimple treatment can be divided into external application, oral medicine and surgical treatment. There is a skin reconstruction ointment called benzoyl peroxide. Medicines to be ingested are antibiotics and retinoid. Retinoid reduces sebum secretion and cuts all of the routes causing pimples but in pregnancy, you need to avoid this due to possible fetus deformity. Surgical treatment involves peeling and injection. Injection reduces scars and peeling involves how to make new skin through chemicals and laser treatment.
You can take care of your pimples and get them removed clean. Let’s do it!

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