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What is "Healing"?
People in today’s world require Healing. Not long ago, a handsome young monk and a sports star appeared on television. The television program was a talk show on which they shared stories and shed tears. People can feel empathy while hearing about the pain of successful people.
Why do we want Healing? First, let’s find out about the word Healing. According to Maslow's theory of basic needs, the first level of needs is physiological needs, and the second is security and stability needs. Fundamentally, people want security and stability when they have fulfilled their physiological needs, but a phenomenon occurs where these security and stability needs are not fulfilled because a person is tired or weary. Healing has the meaning of recovery, so the word is appropriate for people in this situation.
Then, who are the people needing Healing? Children who go to private educational institutes after going to elementary school, middle or high school students who have stress about the college entrance examination, college students who have part-time jobs or are working to build their job skills, parents who devote themselves to taking care of their family, a father who piles up work stress or a mother who piles up housework; eventually, all Korean people need Healing. Therefore, Healing leads to a new culture in society that makes a tired or weary person recover. So, what kinds of Healing methods are there?
Healing methods are various. First, you can go on a trip overseas or travel domestically. Tourist attractions in the surrounding area, such as Gwangalli or Haeundae beaches, are good. Another good method is to appreciate nature while walking into the valley. Second, Healing can be achieved through dating. We feel better together with a loving person, and can find a state of balance and ease through love. Third, drinking alcohol together with hometown friends is a nice method. Hometown friends are the most comfortable and best friends for me. When hometown friends get together, we talk about our stress or worries along the way. So, I can feel a comfortable and nice feeling. Other methods are watching television while lying on the floor at home, and doing hard exercise. Also, enjoying being at home without any thoughts brings Healing for free. These methods are a way of Healing, but a key point is that we should be together with comfortable people and light duties. We can’t feel Healing together with uncomfortable people, or difficult duties. Because Healing is a recovery.
Finally, we who are always on the run in a busy social life have no choice but to tire. Healing is necessary, so take a rest through Healing. It can be important for giving you a stronger driving force when you are on the run again.

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