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What Kind of Movie Do You Want to See?

These days, various genres are gaining popularity with people. Many theaters are filled with families, friends, or lovers continuously. I selected three movies, which are an action film, a thriller, and a drama.

1. 007 Skyfall
It is the third movie of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Also this is in remembrance of the 50th year of the 007 series. There are spectacular action scenes, attractive actors and actresses, and an amazing scale of filming. At the movie’s opening, a fantastic scene and Adele’s song, Skyfall, are very impressive. Daniel Craig shows his hot body and performs wonderful action. The story is about the resurrection of James Bond. Although Bond’s condition was not appropriate for performing a mission after being injured, Bond did his duty, completely defeating a villain. You will enjoy this film.

2. I am a Murderer.
A director made this movie imagining what would happen when the statute of limitations runs out on a confessed killer. In this movie, a serial killer publishes his story after being statute-barred. There is one detective who investigated the affair but did not catch the criminal because of the expiration of the statute of limitations. The serial killer has the support of the general public, while the detective tries to make him pay for his sin. You can enjoy the actors’ wonderful acting and the sense of tension. In addition, you can think about the film's dilemma like the director of this movie.

3. A Werewolf Boy\
Korean girls are enthusiastic about this movie now. In this movie, a boy acts like a wolf, so his body temperature is 46 degrees and even decoding his blood type is impossible. A girl appears to him and looks after him. They become good friends. As the werewolf boy’s dangerous nature is revealed, silent villagers try to get rid of him for their own safety. Many moviegoers are moved to tears because of their sad love story. This movie’s box office passed five million in about 3 weeks after its opening. Do not forget to bring tissue for wiping your eyes.

Jo Young-in  youngwon13@naver.com

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